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17 March 2017
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This is my side account for @ravensong. I would like several people to continually to just feed the creatures DAILY in their extra time. If you want an egg, message me (@ravensong) please.

Please message me on @ravensong. The creatures will need a home soon!!!

COVE LISTS (Not all of my cove lists will appear because some are lists are empty) -

NOT UFT - This tab is seriously Not For Trade! I am raising these eggs until they've evolved and their value has increased significantly. Please do not reserve or offer these creatures! Thank You!

Nursery - These are for me to raise so their value increases. Once they've evolved at least once, they are UFT. This does NOT include the NOT UFT tab. If you would like to reserve an egg, Private Message me @ravensing and @ravensong in the same message. I would probably be happy to reserve you one of the eggs.

Teens - These are all UFT!

Common Reserved - These are in hope that a certain player receives them. If you can offer a good price, I'll reserve them for you.

Requested Reserved - These are reserved for a special player. Please do not ask or offer.
List of Requested Reserved - @veritaspunk - Sparktails

REQUEST & RESERVE - Are you a collector of a common egg? Did you fall-in-love with a certain common creature? Here, I'll collect commons for you and put them on reserve if you are a collector. Just Private Message me @ravensing and @ravensong and tell me which eggs that you are collecting. The price for each egg is 10K - 30K. Please add the price you willing to pay in the message.

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6 days ago

Please PM me! I still don't have a price for the Iramaes yet. It will be raised price for each evolved stage and as time goes on. Thanks!

2 weeks ago

hi all fed

1 month ago

i'd like to thank you!

1 month ago

...(hoping that's still going...) well, hoping for http://eggcave.com/egg/1874233 ...

1 month ago

hello! so, the little giveaway you were doing ~ answer (1234567 XD) song: Blackout by Breathe Coralina XD...

1 month ago

Fed first 50

2 months ago

Hello, I am building an army of Texus. How much EC do you want for your lot? Also, I'm not really interested in the one with the travel