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11 July 2016
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Hello reader. Kindly call me OverSeer.

If you collect specific creatures, send me a PM - I will gladly supply them for a small price whenever I come across one. Prices are negotiable and will change depending on the creature being supplied.

My 'Nearly Immortal' list is NOT a feed list - it is just for me to keep tabs on which ones are almost immortal and which ones are already immortal. Feel free to feed all my creatures.

DO NOT FEED Cumula_Clouds. I'd like him to stay in that stage, and until I can get enough CC to freeze him I'd rather he didn't evolve. Feeding will result in warnings and gradually become a Block. Thank you.


Looking to trade with me? As of 11/10/16, ALL UFT creatures have been moved to @overseer_outpost . Nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED) is UFT here (FYI, I move all UFT creatures here to my trading account once or twice per fortnight). Asking if anything without a UFT in its name is UFT will earn you either a) a sharp-tongued, snarky remark or b) a block (usually the latter or a combination of the two).

Like many EggCavers, I have family members on here as well. They are @aqua_sylph (my younger sister) and @qamarat (my little brother).


Every time I name my creatures, I always include a little reference to something - be it to one of my fandoms, the nature of the creature, or even to a friend. Some of them that are of a more obscure/obvious nature will be written down, whereas others will be left for you to guess. If you see that the Etymology field has three question marks (???), then either hit the 'comment' button on my wall or send me a message and tell me what you think the creature's name refers to. If you guess right, you will be credited and the answer will be put on the creature's profile, as well as the date guessed.

Well, that's all for now. Farewell.


Won the CDWC for the Smokemuth

Notable statuses:
"I asked the Ominous Doovoo if I could pull him out the tree. He said 'absolutely'..." October 1, 2016 at 3:03 am
"Found an Unhemn Egg at the Oasis!" November 18, 2016 at 5:17am
Thanks everybody for the support, I'm thrilled to have won too! Now if only I could have gotten the name... November 27, 2016 at 2:13 am
First I find two Star Creatures within the same week, and now I find a creature at the Oasis? December 7, 2016 at 8:33 pm


- Female Luskrull
- Krah
- Drakomo
- Kepatio
- Coinster
- Lepilex
- Meekin (on behalf of @qamarat)

Thief Shop
Attempts: 0
Successes: 0

Leila Oasis
Successes: 5 (Papyri, Sorien_Skies, Amethystals, a Taigrin egg and a Punbundu egg)

Star Creatures
Star Potion: 0
Natural: 5 (Neptunus_Prime, Buprestia, Vantablack, Startuck and Smokestar)

Side-Changer Squad:
- Arialis
- Finned_Wolf
- Fireas
- FogKeeper
- Funny_Feeling
- Kaitin
- Mistlord
- Nette
- Slick_Ace
- Sylvire
- Thank_You_ee
- Tricklist
- Vainlie
- Wolf_Pack
- Yeepstra

- @animalxlover
- @arceniccatnip
- @el_solo_lobo21
- @blazingreshiram
- @kae
- @noodle_the_doodle
- @shadowwolf510
- @filigirl
- @rolandfree
- @blakes_mama2005
- @kuma
- @elephant

Reminders to self:

Creatures (300)


1 month ago

I can save the Prath, and yes I can revived a Chimera for you. Just end over the CC when we are both online and I'll get it revived.

1 month ago

Lot #731756 the motjaa and ardriedor. Sorry I just remembered to set up the lot XD

2 months ago

For the motja 50k ec. 500k ec for the ariedor probably.

2 months ago

Bupresis: Bupresis is the name for a kind of bluish-grey beetle.

2 months ago


2 months ago

Don't worry, it's fine! Sorry I took a while to respond, too. ^^; I was able to get some from the auctions, so I'm not seeking them-

2 months ago

I generally like puzzles. Some I don't like.

2 months ago

Hi, I'm interested in a male Boarage and female Lumisage on your side. Would you accept EC? If so, how much?

2 months ago

Hey~ What might you be interested in for your UFTShengxiao?

2 months ago

TerribleWifi, what a PERFECT name! It describes my situation rather well with my iPhone 4!

3 months ago

I wouldn't have a clue! There are so many airports around!

3 months ago

You're on a flight, oh my gosh that's so cool!!! //a bit of a plane nut, I wanted to be a pilot for a long time

3 months ago

Don't forget to offer on the lot!

3 months ago

Ah nevermind, just read the rest of your profile ^^ Sorry for the bother~

3 months ago

Might you have any extra CRW uft? ^^; Thanks

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