Imagination for naming gone... Long live random name/word generators! 26 Mar 2017, 9:48 AM

8 October 2016
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Non-feedables have been evacuated. Feed at will, though it's not required

However, note that I have enough EC to visit Tim once in a while, and the following 3 guys seem to need feeding more than I do:


Oh, and I don't read the wall. Except by accident. Reaching me through that is a lottery.

Creatures (420)


1 week ago

Thanks for feeding my creatures! I really appreciate it!

3 weeks ago

You won third place!!! Congrats, check the feeding contest forum!!!

1 month ago

Are any of your Cosmomons or Mo's up for trade?

1 month ago

Hey Can you check out my creature suggestion? ~

2 months ago

yes... indeed...

2 months ago

Spoto UFT?

2 months ago

-as it had originally belonged to me and i wanted to name one of my ceatures that...?
sorry if not

2 months ago

hello! i was wondering if the name 'RoseOnTheGray' would be UFT-

2 months ago

would Permacultur the Eartha be UFT?

3 months ago

Congratulations on winning fourth place~! You've won a Kyootie and 10,000 EC. ^-^

3 months ago

Sure, I'm trying to collect as many as I can to fill a side cove

3 months ago

ould your Pangolin be uft? I am trying to collect them, thanks

3 months ago

Just finished feeding 307 lovely creatures

3 months ago

Finished feeding 298 lovely creatures

3 months ago

thanks ^^

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