Haven't bought more than 50 tickets to the Toy Drive, as surprised as y'all are (still lost in the interface, didn't notice much). Thanks for congrats :) 30 Dec 2017, 9:39 AM

8 October 2016
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Non-feedables have been evacuated. Feed at will, though it's not required

However, note that I have enough EC to visit Tim once in a while, and the following 3 guys seem to need feeding more than I do:


Oh, and I don't read the wall. Except by accident. Reaching me through that is a lottery.

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1 week ago

Hey there Will you please check out my creature suggestion:

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

How many tokens did you put in on the drawing? (trying to know so I have an estimate if I ever want to try to win next year on Dec 25th)

4 weeks ago

Hey! Do you have a Venafera uft? I'm hoarding them, so...I ALWAYS NEED MORE XD I'd offer another monthly...?

4 weeks ago

hey whats your secret to winning the toy drive

4 weeks ago

Hey... what's your secret to winning the toy drive every day?

1 month ago

Congrats on winning the Toy Drive!

1 month ago

fed some

1 month ago

Hey, how many tickets did you have for the toy drive

1 month ago


1 month ago

I never watched the X files, must watch!

1 month ago

OH okay hehe it took me that long, yes

1 month ago

If it's not the truth then is it lies and fake stuff? I'm kinda really bad at riddles and interpretation hehe

1 month ago

Yay you read it!!
Aah I'm super bad at riddles... What is the other prize? Lies? Eek

1 month ago

Hi, I'd like to enter the "Lottery" of you reading your wall! hehe
Tell me if I have won and you have read this comment!

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