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The most important part first: 100% FEED/CLICK/VIEW FRIENDLY COVE!

Please see after the row of asterisks (*****) about my feeding back and feed rule customs.

(Not sure if it matters but I see this on others' profiles sometimes. I access this site through several different devices. I've even visited on my Kindle e-reader a few times. Got my Succutelent that way...very slowly. So...yeah.)


Look at my creatures. Making big sad blinky eyes at you as you pass by. Like they haven't eaten in ages. Tim and I keep them well fed but they're good at looking pathetic. Don't worry about feed tabs or getting blocked for feeding the wrong creature. Toss any and all of them a snack. I bet if you look around a bit you might even find them hiding some EC's or event tokens; feel free to take them, my pets have no use for EC's or tokens. I have no idea why they're even hiding them. Sneaky little creatures with their pathetic blinky eyes.


Just a note to try to avoid future misunderstanding. I try to feed back anyone who feeds me, BUT, if there are rules regarding feeding specific creatures or tabs only, I'm unlikely to feed, just in case I feed the wrong creature(s). I have a lot of brain fog and it's hard for me to follow complicated rules sometimes so I err on the side of caution. (Site won't let me click straight through select creatures only and it's a hassle to open too many tabs.) Likewise, if a cove has no feeding rules listed and I can't tell from browsing page comments ("Fed all!") whether it's safe or not, I will usually avoid feeding back.

Apologies if this makes me seem ungrateful, but I don't want to upset other users, and I've already been accused of doing this (evidence says I didn't, but I can't be 100% sure) and it's rather upsetting. I really do not want to get on anyone's bad side. And I certainly don't do so on purpose. (My anxiety makes me try to avoid conflict.)

I don't personally know/interact with anyone here, so it's fine if you wish to block me without notifying me so, in fact I'd prefer it. Unless we're semi-regular feed buddies, chances are I won't even notice I've been blocked. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If your page says your cove is feed friendly then I will almost surely feed all your creatures at least once. (So I highly recommend that if you're okay with everyone being fed, please say so on your page!)


I don't expect any trade offers but will put this here anyway.


*I AM NOT INTERESTED IN SPECIES I ALREADY OWN. My pets are all named by species so you can see which ones I already have. I do not want duplicates.

*PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO LOOK THROUGH YOUR CREATURES and see if I'm interested in any. I don't want to incorrectly guess what you are and aren't willing to trade. Instead, you can let me know which of your SPECIFIC CREATURES you're willing to trade for what.

*I AM NOT INTERESTED IN CREATURES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN THE CAVE. If I don't already have them I'll try to get them on my own. When they're no longer in the Cave, you can offer me them.

*This one may be unreasonable, but here it is: I'M INTERESTED IN THE UNFROZEN EGGS OF CREATURES WHICH I DO NOT ALREADY OWN. (If frozen, you'd have to unfreeze it for me before trading since I can't.) I'd prefer to raise a creature from an egg instead of trading for an adult creature. I realize this will probably not always be possible, so...I guess I'll deal with that when I come to it. :/


*I DO NOT HAVE ANY CC'S TO TRADE/GIVE. And I'm not interested in anyone trading me some, unless it's enough to buy a creature from the Cash Shop (which seems to be 500CC, I guess).

*If I fed your cove, it's probably because I was seeking EC's/event tokens. (Occasionally I will feed a dying/abandoned cove or the cove of someone having trouble keeping it fed or some such. I like to feel helpful.) I may even feed your cove more than once for this reason. PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT ME TO BECOME A REGULAR FEEDER, though. I don't have time/memory to regularly feed others' coves.

*PLEASE DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO RETURN FEEDS. I do it because I want to. You're welcome to feed my cove if you want to (everyone is feed friendly); I'm shy and often don't get feed notifications, so please know that I appreciate the help.

*PLEASE DO NOT FRIEND REQUEST ME. It's nothing personal, I'm just a lousy friend. ☹️ I have terrible social anxiety. I can't hold a conversation and always end up ghosting people. I can't regularly feed other coves. So there's no use in me cluttering up somebody else's list.

I think that's it.


You can skip this part now, I imagine you skipped most of the rest anyway.

About me: Female, forties, ostomate, romantic asexual, forever single, panentheist, Michigander. Disabled with severe social anxiety, OCD, depression, probable autism but I can't get the last one diagnosed, unfortunately; I lost access to mental health services. (They gave up on me years ago.) The Internet has been pretty much my only means of "socializing" for the past two decades but I've had lots of bad experiences online, too, so I'm VERY avoidant and uncommunicative, plus I'm only good at chatting about my stupid arcane interests anyway. Sorry if I do not reply to you. It's probably nothing personal. :/

I could blather more about myself (longwindedness is my flaw) but why bother, you likely tuned out at "About me." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Even I'm not interested in myself.



I write fiction which apparently nobody reads. :/ It's here (all free) if you wish to give it a try, though: https://tehuti88.blogspot.com/2018/07/newsandnotes.html I specialize in novellas and serials with a fantasy/mythology, occult/crime/psychological, anthro, and/or GLBT theme. (My adult writing is located on Adult-FanFiction. Can't link, obviously.) My in-progress mirror site is http://tehuti88.neocities.org/

I recently got into (trying) digital art. I still suck at it, though not quite as much as before. You can find that here: https://tehuti88-art.tumblr.com/ Needs updating but I'm also on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/social_phobe/albums

I'm on Toyhou.se! https://toyhou.se/tehuti88 Do you need an invite code? I have some sitting around, but nobody to invite.

And here's a masterlist of most of my other links (Goodreads, pet sites, etc.): https://tehuti88.neocities.org/links.html

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sybil_howlett • 14 Aug 2022, 3:37 AM

thank you for feeding my cove, fed back ❤️ have a great Sunday!

awesomesaucethegreat • 13 Aug 2022, 8:26 AM

TYSM for feeding all my creatures 💙

sybil_howlett • 11 Aug 2022, 4:39 PM

thank you so so so so much for the most precious gift out of the adoption center ❤️

tryvegan4theanimals • 25 Feb 2022, 12:14 AM

Thanks for the chocolates, Tehuti 😊 feeding your buddies now!

tryvegan4theanimals • 19 Feb 2022, 9:13 PM

Thanks for the chocolates, Tehuti! Much appreciated 😊 feeding some of your buddies!

mr-blue-bones • 17 Feb 2022, 1:40 AM

Fed all!

quinoafuntime • 22 Jan 2022, 3:12 PM

Thank you for feeding 😊

lunacharm1037 • 13 Nov 2021, 11:13 PM

fed all

aquafaba • 8 Nov 2021, 7:35 PM

Hey thanks for the feeds 😊

mr-blue-bones • 5 Oct 2021, 7:46 PM

Fed all!

ugena • 3 Sep 2021, 3:15 PM

Thank you for feedings! 😊

ugena • 3 Sep 2021, 2:29 PM

Hello, I adopted your storticais, I'll take care of them. 😊

ian_hives • 2 Sep 2021, 3:06 PM


Sorry if I bothered you. I just adopt one of your Pareteorsites. I'll take care of him, give a good name. Thank you for chance to adopt this dark beauty ❤️

widgetspinner • 6 Jul 2021, 6:41 PM

Hi there,

there are a few creatures you have I would like to offer on. I have ...

pogknot and a Chimera

I would like...

Ceryneean, Luxu, trick, Pahoehoe, snop, ...

any interest in a trade?

amysnow • 28 Feb 2021, 10:11 PM

I'm sorry but I dont have any choco left.. I was post it on my status.. Thank you for sending me and I will try to send back but it got really less time to do..

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