"Its actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him, so i got myself a citrus friend" -Lemon Boy, Cavetown 20 Jan 2020, 5:57 AM

14 January 2020
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Heya there welcome to my cove!
I hoard Luminettes, Mackatrons and Cosmomons at @dragonierixx
P L U S U L T R A !
Hi again! I'm Dragonier but I go by Dragony. I am currently hyper fixated on FNAF SB, Genshin, and like listening to Maretu, Kikuo and Cavetown. I like to make short stories so I make one everytime one of my eggs hatch. Click on my hatched eggs if ever you want to know a little insight on them. (Feel free to click the letters above)
Protected by the Leaf Of Vaka on 6/15/20 Cove is feed friendly 😊
10 things I know about you:
1. you are reading this
2. you are human
3. you cant say the letter "p" without separating you lips
4. you just attempted to do it
6. you are laughing at yourself
7. you have a smile on your face and you skipped number 5.
8. you just checked to see if there was a number 5.
9. you laugh at this because you fell for it and everyone else did too
10. now copy and paste this to see who else falls for it XD

╠╬╬╬╣Put this on your page
╠╬╬╬╣If you LOVE

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tryvegan4theanimals • 27 Jan 2022, 8:58 PM

Feeding all 😊

the_puffups_of_degong • 25 Jan 2022, 11:20 PM

Thank you for the puffups! 😊

camillakatt • 25 Jan 2022, 3:54 PM

are the Nyanka or innu for sale?

pet_cemetery • 25 Jan 2022, 2:28 PM

Not sure. Budgies hasn't updated for several months. Offer?

the_puffups_of_degong • 8 Jan 2022, 3:28 PM

Thanks for the Puffup. 😊

jirachiwishmaker • 25 Dec 2021, 3:38 PM

Congratulations here's your prize from the raffle please put an item on it, thanks! Merry Christmas! Trade #996060

murmurw • 3 Dec 2020, 10:59 AM

Hi😸 Thanks for the friend request!❤️

ancientclaw • 31 Oct 2020, 7:27 PM

Fed all! Have a good day

jirachiwishmaker • 31 Oct 2020, 3:56 PM

I sent you some halloween treats to make your Halloween even better😊

jirachiwishmaker • 31 Oct 2020, 3:38 PM

Happy Halloween, thanks so much, enjoy your new creature😊

monsterprincess33 • 30 Oct 2020, 5:20 PM

link to creature price guide

monsterprincess33 • 30 Oct 2020, 5:19 PM

please take care of my baby

monsterprincess33 • 30 Oct 2020, 4:21 PM

you're so welcome, i heard you were wanting one ❤️

scout • 28 Oct 2020, 4:10 PM

I can take one of my wishlist pets instead of ec, if thats okay?

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