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SEEKING: Immortal Sparktails & Sparktails

--- Let me know of a common you're collecting and If I come across it in the cave I'll put it on Auction for 1 EC --- ( cove space permitting )

@jellifysh -> Texus
@wildirishrubyrose -> Dorrups
@silvershadow -> Masers
@glorious -> Cosmomons

Everything is NUFT, unless it's a stunning offer :-P, or the creature is in a lot or specified on the forum.


Creatures (390)


18 hours ago

Please feed my cove thaanks byeeeeeeeeee

1 day ago

thank you! ^^

1 day ago

Some great names you have there!

2 days ago

I can sell you 2, but please Change the name of the male.

2 days ago

-fledged hoarders, but.. i've personally added myself to the list if that's okay with you... (i can give sparktails in return..?)

2 days ago

I prefer grape concentrate but yeah. ewe

2 days ago

Ayy, you got a point. I can't even get one of each so you're doin grape.

2 days ago

Just out of curiosity, why you collecting so many Sparktails?

3 days ago

Thank you!!! ever so grateful!!! ^^

3 days ago

Hey! (forgot that emojis dont work, sorry for extra notification.)

4 days ago

Hey can you feed my creautures thanks that would wonderful

5 days ago

ok I only have one

5 days ago

I will keep looking for them :-)

1 week ago

Thanks for the travel! (In donation centre)

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