Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey I got a Trident, Flub, Glooble and a Calla! :DD 14 Jul 2019, 8:47 PM

3 September 2018
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Ey! Call me Spirit! I love eagles, dragons, griffins and any other mythical creatures! Let me know if I have any creatures you would like and I could set up a trade! don't wanna part with my Erduri though.. (One of my favorite creatures).

Thank you so, so, so much to @stevepat2002 for the Leaf of Vaka and other gifts! Let me know if you need anything!

If I end up quitting @stevepat2002 will have first picks! Other people might get to pick some to I dunno yet .

~Wishlist~ (Pretty long tho cause I wanna get all the creatures eventually but these are the ones I want the most.)

~Abrillion (Last stage)
~Adarna (Stage 2)
~Adiped (All stages)
~Aguaille (Last stage)
~Aliamble (Stage 1)
~Alleniwer (Last stage)
~Amarra (Stage 1)
~Aquolt (Last stage)
~Ashazar (Stage 2 & 3)
~Avem (Stage 2)
~Barbat (Last stage)
~Basque (Last stage)
~Biwo (Last stage)
This list will be continued... When I have time

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elephants • 11 hours ago

fed all

stevepat2002 • 5 Apr 2019, 10:10 PM

Well if you come back eventually u have LOV so you’d have stuff

stevepat2002 • 1 Apr 2019, 8:45 PM

@status why?

stevepat2002 • 1 Apr 2019, 8:44 PM

I like your song names that’s cool

mirime • 14 Feb 2019, 1:08 PM

Glad to hear that! I'll feed back

stevepat2002 • 2 Feb 2019, 11:38 AM

Noctiandys are worth more than 150cc tho

stevepat2002 • 1 Feb 2019, 9:59 PM

@status which one? Also when are you getting that?

stevepat2002 • 1 Feb 2019, 9:09 PM

@status be like so true XD. The most I’ve ever had at once is 1M. I spent it all immediately XD

beyond • 27 Jan 2019, 11:08 PM

Not at all! I'd be willing to offer around 150cc / 1.5mil in creatures, perhaps?

beyond • 24 Jan 2019, 1:56 AM

Hello! I was wondering if your Noctiandy might be UFT? I could offer things from @beyond. Sorry to bother if not! c:

moonweaver • 23 Jan 2019, 9:59 PM

Holy crap! I am! How much? (I keep forgetting, sorry ^^")

telekinec • 23 Jan 2019, 9:59 AM

Hey, how much for your Glimmerkin

moonweaver • 16 Jan 2019, 10:24 PM

Ah, that's okay Thanks for the trade! (Will offer tomorrow morning)

moonweaver • 16 Jan 2019, 10:13 PM

Sure, make the lot?

Oh. Okay... Have you tried your strong room?

moonweaver • 16 Jan 2019, 9:57 PM

Hey, would you have any Glimmerkin UFT? Thanks

Also, random question, what CC travel do you have? (Profile says something about that)

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