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One file in the Archives reveals information about the Polober. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

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Available at the Advent Tree (2018-2022).


353 kg


2.5 m

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48% male, 48% female, 4% non-binary



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About Polober Eggs

Polober eggs are a favorite holiday decoration in many homes. They serve as a beautiful snow globe that you could watch all day! And best of all, it can hatch into a new creature! The egg naturally produces snowfall itself, which is just one of the mysteries that the SARC has yet to crack. Usually, Polober eggs will do fine on their own, as the egg regulates it's own temperature. However, there are some important rules to Polober eggs. One, never let the globes crack, this could be fatal to the baby creature growing inside; also, never take the tailglobe away from the egg. While this won't be fatal, the egg will have trouble keeping its temperature regulated, and will need extra help. If a Polober grows up without it's tailglobe, it will have to stay in sub-zero temperatures for most of it's life.

About the Polober Creature

The Polober is one of the more interesting bear species of Ark. This is because their habitat is widely unknown to researchers. Though most argue they must be locals to the Coldworld, the atmosphere found inside a Polober's "globe" does not match the atmosphere of that found in Coldworld. The SARC is undergoing a major study on where Polobers originate, as they believe they could lead to a yet-undiscovered area of Ark.

While Researching Polobers, it has been found that a Polober's globe around it's head serves as an endless air supply. These globes have also been found to somehow always snow inside. How this is accomplished has left many flabbergasted at where an explanation might lie, and many have just claimed it to be "Winter Magic". Both the headglobe and tailglobe of a Polober help to control body temperature, no matter how hot or cold the climate they inhabit is. If either of a Polober's globes are broken, the creature is in immediate danger. The bell on a Polober's bow also plays an important role in their everyday life. The bell is a unique way of communicating to other Polobers when they are far away (despite having a globe around their heads, Polobers have excellent hearing). The sound that originates from a Polober's bell brings happiness and cheer to all who hear it, and each Polober has their own unique song. Every Christmas in Ark, Ark city will host a Polober concert. So if you enjoy listening to bells, then this is the concert for you!

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