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It's User Suggestion Month At Egg Cave

September 1, 2022 at 12:00 AM

Random Theme Month: User Suggestions

All of Egg Cave's creatures that are going to be released this month are from wonderful user suggestions and concept art submitted on our Forums. Many thanks to the ridiculously creative and talented users who have submitted their ideas to us.

Disturbances At The Mysterious Asteroid

The Distorticai is no longer available in the Cave beginning today. But now, rumblings are occurring at The Mysterious Asteroid. What's going on here?


Cash Shop Monthlies

This month's brand-new Cash Shop Monthlies are the Astreaven and Naleli. Find yours there!

Cave Monthlies

The Funneki and Hyacine have begun appearing in the Cave. For this month... and this month only!

Creator's Marks Awarded

This month's user suggestions come from...

Many thanks to all of our lovely users who have created the concept art for this month's creatures. Creatures (the first of their kind) with Creator's Marks have been added to your account for free.


Unvaulted Creatures

The Buttersloff and Vattone have been unvaulted for this month. They are 1000 CC each. Find these in the Cash Shop while supplies last!

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wonder404exe • 12 Sep 2022, 9:17 AM

@Meteoroid ooo! good to know 😸

snowywinter • 12 Sep 2022, 1:51 PM

@Meteoroid Thank you for the statistic! It really helps knowing that. ...some people just have all the luck ; P