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(Sometimes it'll get long, but I try to keep this section cleaned up. Cove etiquette, rules, etc. right below it.)

- To briefly answer that burning question, 'Is your cove feed friendly?!' Not currently. Except for Feed Tab. Please feed side @swmystery .
A link to other coves needing feeds will remain near the top of my profile.
(Exception for Double Feed days and big events.) Details in Feeding Policies section below Status updates.

- Internet speed is usually about 2 to 3 Mb/sec.


REMINDER: I am looking for a Male TASMA caught the 25th of November (Thursday)
and an Ookull (same day, either gender. )

Thank you to everyone who looked for me! Got a couple great captures! 😃

Current always mood: Verdana, 24pt: I want a Skrute!
I now have one, but I REALLY want a 2nd.
(Willing to pay full budgie's for hatched or egg male. Looking for slight discount if female, frozen egg, or fully evolved.)

Need more coves to feed during Nov events? Look Here
Can find seeds and help keep mortals alive. (scroll down egg's profile intro for list.)
(mega-cove list by PM request.)

Please look at my Trading thread UFT & LF. I've received no offers all month and it is now heading to page 2. There's more there than what I have in my UFT tab.

17 Dec: trying to catch a male Ringtail or squirrel Monthly today! : )
Got a Ringtail!

6 Dec: I REALLY want an Ookull from the Toy-Drive on December 8th ! ! ! ❤️ Just saying

1 December: Willing to pay 60K EC for a male Orzecho caught today!

24 Nov: Holy swearwords! S.O. (@fruitbat) is working a 16 hour shift tomorrow! (Thanksgiving US.) (Really glad deep fried turkey fad is over.)

22 Nov: There are creatures I want more, but for some reason since I joined, I've had my heart set on receiving a wintery creature for my birthday (December). And the past few months it's been the Fairtop. (male.)
(A male Veema would be great too for he giving Holidays... but that's one of those far off wishes.)

21 Nov: Finally made some profile space. Will get the Wall cleaned up of my extra blatherings as the timestamps appear. (And someday I'll get to that heinous backlog.)

27 Oct: Thank you so much @metaphor!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

7 Oct: Exhausted. Will try to get to messages as soon as possible.
*le gasp* The elusive UFT tab appears! (PM offers please, No wall posts.)

29 Jul: My computer crashed and I lost most in-progress notes and tabs. They were mainly trade negotiations. Only people I can remember i was in talks with was @rowyn, @eerie, and @singasong99

6 Jul 21: Still organizing cove, but hey, I'm back for now! Still have a lot of messages to reply to.

My hiatus gave me a lot of time to reflect. I realize I have to change how I do things around here if I'm going to stick around.
At first I was gone for about a month because of physical health, but then it was another month for mental health stuff.
I really need to cut back on how much clicking i do. And have. But it was getting to the point I couldn't do necessary movement. A week of not clicking showed me how much pain I had actually been in.
And I apologize for not replying to people in all that time... But the more someone is counting on me, the more I shut down. Even when it's just me counting on myself. There's like a wall of fear that I have to work though, chains to break. I apologize to anyone I let down. It started in high school with too many book reports due at once, and it's only gotten worse over the years, especially the last three. Knowing me means radio silence with no warning, randomly. It's not you, it's me.

So that being said, I am sorry if I can't get to feeding many coves; and I may be slightly less social around here.

Please feed the coves and eggs listed on these eggs' profiles. Many are mortal and/or hungry.
swmFeedList Public, Has many more coves.
Feed_List The first one I made, disorganized.

I finally organized what cave commons with specific dates that I'm looking for.
Updated forum post
Backup = Time_Keeper_

1 Apr 21
PSA: "Jokes" are harder on people with Autism. It's hard enough on a day-to-day basis to read people and tell when people are being serious or not. It's even harder when people are trying to intentionally "pull one over" on people.
What may seem like good fun to other people, to me translates as dishonesty and hurtful.

- - - \ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ / - - -

Namaste! "The Spirit within me honors and respects the Spirit within you."
(I agree with Namaste Foods, I like this translation the best.)

Navigation/Index: Ctrl F
About This Cove
About me
Wishlist: (make sure to include colon)
EC Firsts & wins

About This Cove, Eggcoviquette, Goals, etc.

Feeding Policies: (for main)
- Please feed in Feed Tab only*
- * Exception made for Double EC Feed Days, big events like the Chocolate Exchange, and if you really need the EC.
- If you want me to feed YOUR creatures, don't feed mine, PM me please. If you want to thank me for feeding yours, a note will be more appreciated than feeding mine.
PLEASE, feel free to PM me saying you thought about feeding my cove and didn't. Please use the honor system and give me an estimate of how many it would have been. I'll still feed coves that want feedbacks. (I don't think this is asking too much. It saves you a ton of time and only takes a few seconds to give me a feed notice.)
- Feed the 'Please Feed' listed in profile instead.
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that has fed my cove in the past ! ! !
- I pass out while feeding, I made a thread.

Former entry highlights:
- Please don't feel pressured to feed mine if I feed yours; sometimes I just like paying a few of them attention.
- My deepest apologies if I accidentally click on any that weren't supposed to be! I try my best to follow all requests.
- If you only have time for a few, please click Rey & Gryff. (First in the feed tab.)
- Updated: Unfortunately I haven't kept up my feed reminder list for keeping track of who I need to give feedbacks to. I'm still keeping it around though for when I can give some extra feeds.

Friending: Because of one bad apple I will no longer be accepting friend requests without some conversation first. (Generally PMs)

- PLEASE, please, PLEASE only use my Wall as a Guestbook. (Do NOT use it just to say you fed my pets, or ask if I have X for trade. - Likely I'll just delete those without a reply or ignore them.)
- PM me for two-way messaging/if you want a reply. ...and for feed notices.
- (I won't reply back on your Wall to say Thank You to feeds. But I will do my best to click some of your pets. I only post when I feed pets on other peoples' walls who explicitly request it in their profile.)
- It will be greatly appreciated.
- If you see any pet names/stories you like, PLEASE tell me your thoughts! (I really wish people could leave comments on individual creature profiles! Their own Wall.)

Various Other:

- I pledge that I shall always put one item in for every item I take from the Donation Center. I am loyal and true and want there to be something for you there too.

July '21 I'm still getting organized.
Still not ready to publish my full wishlist.

I plan on mainly just collecting critters that appeal to me. I'll take in a few extras to give them a good home, and a few to have on the side for trades. I don't want more than I can manage (quickly failing at that.)
Kudos to those of you who can manage enormous menageries!!!

Mid Mar21: I'm still organizing and earlier creatures' names haven't been changed yet, but any later names with gift in it is probably a creature that I'm reserving for someone. Any with trade or adopt in it will be up for trade at some point, feel free to ask though if you see something you're interested in. I generally won't release monthlies until after the month is done.
Early Apr 21: I've made a quick UFT list. It's by no means all my tradables, but it's the ones with High priority.

My status may show I'm online, but I may be off doing other things/afk.

Most of my creatures will be staying in Jon Oliver's blank white void (no travels) until I have enough EC for most of my wishlist.

The numbers in my critters' profiles refer to the order I caught them.
My earlier ones still need to be organized and many still need better names. I hope to give all of them something in their profiles.
NtS: Backdate/retcon from Mar 5 or 4th, to exclude any snagged just for trading. (Keep numbering future gifts & maybes)

My stance on rereleasing creatures can easily be summed up by this quote from @Ian on 29 July 2015 at 8:12 AM
"Creatures were never meant to become extinct altogether or worth values of unobtainable amounts of EC or CC."
(Even if you are against rereleases, that doesn't make you my enemy. It just means we have different viewpoints on this matter.)

Most Attempts at Cave in one day: 66! 20 July 21
(happened during Ark Victory week)

Lost & Found:
Anyone know what happened to @hellodecember ? I noticed in Sep (2021) that her/their profile was deleted. (We were friends at one time, but I wasn't chatty enough for her.) I miss saying hi now and then.

Goals/To Do:
Organize list of what species I have. (In-progress)
Make list of others' WL/LF items. (Priority: High)
Make name list for species ahead of acquiring them. (Achieved/In-progress)
Make a one-stop forum post for all my questions/discoveries. (Priority: Medium)
Rename pets I plan on keeping with better names (now that I figured out the process.) (Achieved/ongoing)

Side accounts:
@snowywinteralcove - naming projects, fandom names, & lesser wanted creatures.
@snowywinterwinds - mostly UFT & organizing. (Still needs to be organized, but feel free to browse.)

Share IP sometimes with: @fruitbat

I never wanted to show favoritism and have anyone feel left out or hurt, but I have to say it;
@murmurw is by far my absolute most favorite person I've met here. Love her to pieces!
Aug 21: It breaks my heart to see her go, but I understand why she had to.

Other people I am grateful to for various reasons (not an extensive list, don't take it personally if you're not on it.)
@quinn /nitromegamer

select Archived status updates:
28 Feb 2021: Thank you to everyone who helped me with the chocolate exchange!

5 Mar 21: I Am so grateful for all the warm welcomes I've been receiving since arriving here!!! Everyone is so nice.

6 Mar 21: Thanks to those who clicked fanficmelon's cove! (newb me didn't realize until later that she might not want all the notices, or her creatures to evolve. Oops. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And there's no way to ask.)

7 Mar 21: added quick feed list for those who don't have time/energy to click my whole cove. While most are some I can tolerate/wish to evolve a little quicker, I took painstaking efforts to make sure the list is in order from most to least. If you only have time for a few, please click Rey & Gryff.
(This list is in no way ordered by Favorites.)

31 Mar 21: At 200 Creatures I hate to admit it, but most of those are hoarding and waiting for trades. Total opposite of my goal when I started out. (ONE of each creature I liked, maybe two of absolute favorites.) I think I've given away & traded out less than 10 so far. -_-

3 Apr: After typing Kylo dozens of times a day for the past few years, even after a year hiatus, it is hard as heck to remember to exclude the L from Kyo. 😈

25 Apr 21: Profile reached txt limit.

12 Apr: Thank you jlya! ❤️ You know what you did 😊

5 Apr 21 I FOUND HER ! ! ! I Found the player I posted about in the Lost & Found section! I FOUND HER ! ! !
❤️ 😊 ❤️

10 Jul: Did my first major Shop stocking. There's almost a noticeable theme starting to emerge. It feels good that it no longer looks as random.

25 Jul : I have Corphex hair! Details in Shout Box : )

8 Aug 21: Thank you to @wild_wonders for trading me Both an Eartha and a RANNIN ! ❤️

5 Mar 21: If anyone has an extra Frion to sell, please contact @pouncessoftly .
(Oct nts: snag Yazan, merge "People would like" list)


About me:

Hi, just looking for a little escapism from daily life.

Started playing Neopets back in 2004, but haven't logged in in about three years. Thought I'd give this a try on a whim after finding @citadark 's page.

I like all sorts of animals, but canines (wolves, dogs, foxes) are my favorite. I also have a soft spot for the oddballs that people tend to not like as often such as crows, wolverines, skunks, and opossums.

I used to be a book worm, but later in life I've become lazy and prefer watching TV. (Don't be like me, don't be lazy.) Either way, I'm a sci-fi/fantasy junkie.

Fandoms & Identifiers: (If you recognize it you recognize it. *wink*)
(And feel free to drop me a PM just to say 'Hi fellow [fandom] person!)
Brewer Minion
Team Seth Clearwater (Book version)
"Always and Forever"
Love the Mathesons and my guilty addiction is the Monroe Republic.
You'd probably find me hanging out at Planet 7 more than the Wild Pony.
- Never hate on other ships. There's room for everyone. I believe in shipping positivity. (but I won't be discussing any on EC - aside from the occasional corny pet name. And just because I make a reference to one, doesn't mean I don't support others.)

Fav digital games:
'Flash's Bounty' is LIFE - Been playing it when it was for PC only. When it became available for tablet I started playing it almost every day.
'ENSO' - It helps clear my mind and get rid of my headaches when I'm overwhelmed. Sadly the last tablet I had it installed on died. So wish they would bring it back!
R.i.P 'Flower House' - I think many here would have liked it. 100% cooperative, 0% competitive. (You could get by in solo mode, but it was much more fun and easier to make progress interacting with other players. So fun giving and receiving gifts! Hmmm... It was sort of like a laid back version of the chocolate exchange.)

Some of the currently airing shows I'm watching: (In almost no order other than Sun - Fri)
Clarice, 911: Lone Star, Debris, Prodigal Son, Nature, Nova, Riverdale, Legacies, Stories From the Stage
Recent ones I'm wishing/waiting on new seasons of/ miss: 'Love, Victor', Deputy, The Passage, The 100, (and one can assume any of the cancelled/wrapped shows from my above list of fandom identifiers.)
Some reruns: Star Trek, The Munsters

Have been playing tabletop and online RPGs for about 20 years. (Tabletop: mainly played sandbox games built off of Marvel rolling rules. Online: started in YIM in 1999, most recently am on sites dedicated to storyform.)

Used to love drawing, poetry, and photography. Hoped to someday try my hand at digital art. Also enjoy fiction writing as the mood strikes.

My favorite season is winter. I love nature. I love snow, lightning in snow, the Aurora Borealis, skiing, hiking, camping, and tornados (from afar... have had a few too many close calls while storm chasing.)

(And Yes, I'm old; but I never wanted to grow up. And one of my deepest convictions is people should always make time for having fun in their lives no matter their age.)

I probably won't ever use color in my profile or posts just in case there are any colorblind users on the site. (I had a colorblind friend in HS and it really stuck with me. (At least he had the gray scale variant and it didn't make some colors invisible, just gray.)

Location: * I haven't played in almost a decade due to not having access to reliable internet; but I miss it every day. / Real: United States - Eastern time zone
(Which may make you wonder why if I'm in the US that I use Dy/Mo/Yr. I always thought using d/m/y would make more sense. When I found out it was a real thing, my mind was blown. So aside from on legal forms, I adopted the date format that most of the rest of the modern world uses.
I'll spare you my rants on DST or fluctuating # of days in a Mo. )

confession: The ability to code leaks out of my brain VERY fast. If I'm not using it nearly every day I have to relearn it over again. (And until now it's been nearly a year since I put it to use.) Please be gentle on me.



We are all team members of the spaceship Earth. Be good to one another.



My Favorite Cove Critters: ( coming soon - maybe )


Wishlist: Coming Soon (maybe)

This is by no means my full wishlist. And this does not mean I am actively seeking. It just is a small sampling of some of the creatures I'd like to have in my cove someday. And I will be posting my preferences without regard to whatever value other people are placing on them; This will be in order of how much I want one.
I will almost always welcome canines, felines, birds (especially crows,) dragons, bats, skunks, and squirrels. I'm also very fond of the terrarium/aquarium creatures and the year numbers.

Thank you so much to everyone helping me get the creatures I'm looking for!
- Thank you to infinity to @Nut for doing the trade with me for THEE Krampus! ❤️ 😊
- @born2b_me for giving me my first Obarn and @Ravensong the Date one I was looking for
- I'm ever so grateful to luv and quinn. They helped me get two of my near fav creatures. I thought it would take me years to get, if ever.

+ would not turn one away from my cove rn if it was an offer I could could afford.
Species - date received
(last somewhat attended to Oct 2021.)
TASMA 28 02 21
shengxiao 28 02 21 (all obtained Sept 21)
+ Rannin [ This would totally be my avatar ] 18 Aug 21 (Still would like 1 more )
+ Odraz (bonus if it has any date of Apr 13th) 22 Jun 21 (1/2)
Nyacos (1/2)
+ Kolibri
+ Rotehar
+ Kitbee
terron 18 Mar 21 (got enough)
+ Zuote
+ Skrute
+ Canige 21 Jun 21 (would still like a 2nd, male. But I am absolutely tickled that someone surprised me with one!)
+ Corphex
+ Fangtharp (1/2)
Felichine (1/2)
Bayak (1/2)
+ Leoaquar (not fully evolved)
+ Vulov (hatched/S2 or egg/S1)


EC Firsts & wins:
Now being housed at TimeKeeperII for profile space.


Creatures (507)


pooh • 27 Jun 2022, 5:02 AM

You both are very sweet 😊 ❤️

pooh • 26 Jun 2022, 9:22 AM

Thank you for telling Widgetspinner about my wish to have a Dogfish, now I have one! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

shadowfaxe • 17 Apr 2022, 5:16 AM


snowywinter • 26 Jan 2022, 5:27 PM

Fair warning to Wall visitors, I'm mostly on hiatus & only check the Wall about every 2-3 weeks... and I'm worse at replying to wall posts than anything else. If you want a reply it's best to PM me.

Trades: Life is too hectic right now for me to sort through creatures.

kayleyh_11 • 23 Jan 2022, 11:44 PM

hello r any of ur creatures UFT?

sulvas • 27 Dec 2021, 12:51 AM

Yeah I didn't get anything. Can't say I'm surprised. My thief shop luck has mostly been bad. Bought 6 500+ EC eggs and had bought a few 80k-100k ones earlier.

sulvas • 27 Dec 2021, 12:03 AM

I'm gonna do something really dumb. I'm gonna spend all my money on them eggs. Don't have enough money to buy all of them but why not. Having no money is a great motivation to do feeds. Oh and I sent fruitbat a Christmas present.

singasong99 • 23 Dec 2021, 1:10 AM

Congrats on the Kolibri! (I would get one, but I just cashed out on a LoV recently. Mental note to self to save up 500 CC next year)

sulvas • 15 Dec 2021, 11:49 PM

47 attempts later and I didn't get one. Hopefully you or someone else was able to get one. I can see if any pop up for sale and try to get it that way if you want.

izziedragon • 6 Dec 2021, 5:45 PM

Did you think cash shop creatures or crw creatures would be available? Lol I'm curious what you were interested in winning

tetra • 6 Dec 2021, 3:10 AM

No problem, that's okay with me 😃 Yes, I love tetras!! One of my uncles has an small aquarium/big fish tank in his restaurant in Asia. I used to go there as a child and would help take care of the fishes, good times.

kalessin • 3 Dec 2021, 4:14 AM

Thank you! ^^ Yes I was so surprised when two showed up at once! 😱 Congrats on your Terron as well! 😊 Fed your quick feed, have a great day!

cranberrycat1 • 28 Nov 2021, 9:05 PM

thanks for replying and if you ever want one i have a spare

cranberrycat1 • 27 Nov 2021, 3:26 PM

if you want an ookull i have a spare

16 Nov 2021

mr-blue-bones • 27 Nov 2021, 11:16 AM

Thank you! I was super excited when I saw it in the Oasis! ❤️ And I appreciate the click, every one counts lol.

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