Secret Santa lots for pets I have ALL opened! Everyone else told to distribute their gifts. Finally wrapping this up! Will send them out tomorrow but feel free to go peeking for your name. 15 Jan 2018, 3:09 AM

8 October 2011
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Secret Santa:
Currently UFT creatures (mostly for cc!)

s i d e s [ r e v a m p i n g ]
@store - UFT creatures
@luvduv - Luvlei collection
@haku - (soon to be) precious commons and LEs

: ---
cc uft : ---
IOU : @eggberts owes 200cc
if you ever need to borrow any cc of almost any denomination, just ask!

a guide to lists
~ a collection of my favourite/featured pets, unlike to ever be UFT (but don't be afraid to ask!)
feed! ~ my "feed list", aka, the only creatures I would like fed
gifts ~ creatures gifted to me by generous/quitting users. virtually all NFT.

Trade Log
Eggcave Will
Favourite Coves
Tinies that I want
Resurrectable Eggs
More about Luv (updating)

Creature profiles in Rosy Brown or Sky Blue are a part of My Egg Cave Story (soon to be released!)

p e o p l e
@crimson ♥ @mami ♥ @icon ♥ @cynt5100 ♥ @eggberts ♥ @degong ♥ @purgatory ♥ @fakeworld

t h e o n e s w h o q u i t
@glados ♥ @miomar ♥ @crescentfeather ♥ @ellen ♥ @qwaszx ♥ @kitty19cat ♥ @orange ♥ @despair

t h e o n e s w e l o s t
@karamel ♥ @mitch901

Creatures (106)

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16 hours ago

hey~ my ss person still hasnt gotten their giftwhat should i do?

16 hours ago

Never mind about the first part of that wall post, I just got my gift

16 hours ago

Ahhhhh I didnt see the lot until just now!! Tell my secret santa THANK YOU!!!

16 hours ago

Just wondering about S.S. since I didn't get anything yet & I have a few travels for my person. I'm sorry tho, I know you're very busy >.

2 days ago

*Casually hyperventilates* ;A; please send my S.S a very big thank you from me. X)

2 days ago

my reception there was really bad so i was on and off line but im home now ^-^

2 days ago

i really like your offer but was curious if a gobbler would interest you for those critters i just got back from Philippines

3 days ago

hey~ i dont think my secret santa has gotten my gift yet://check my trade lot?

3 days ago

hey (: i was wondering if the name bazinga was uft? o: thanks (: *i read your trading rules but didn't see anything about names so* thxs (:

5 days ago

did @miomar ever respond haha

5 days ago

When you're able to get back to me about the Rhine & Pandai (if you're still interested), could you send your response in a PM? Thanks (:

6 days ago

And I know, I barely recognize the usernames here anymore unless they were from 2014 haha

6 days ago

I've been good, super busy but things slowed down since Im on break Wbu? What are you up to?

6 days ago

Could I borrow 100CC? Thanks!

6 days ago


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