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8 October 2011
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1 day ago

I love big time rash, w/ ellen degeneres, fedora, vest guy, and the gay one.

1 day ago

like you hav ALWAYS william neriokat

1 day ago

thinking about auctioning it out in the forum the say @asi is doing.

1 day ago

Sad to hear you've had a rough time. Hope it's better now! I've absolutely no idea what the Guinstar might be worth so I've been -

3 days ago

ur not gonna believe this one william

3 days ago

Dropping by to say a hi haha my cove is completely empty and different

6 days ago

"My sources say know"

1 week ago

EC CC or a creature. Something around 300cc in value

1 week ago

I was so sad when it was retired, but then I found out that a lot of people really like it. So I ran a campaign in the forum to get it back.

1 week ago

CC is fine. Always very handy. And yup, I made Poppy Plains and made them bring it back for Valentine's Day this year.

1 week ago

Sick and laden with hefty immediate deadlines OTL hope you're doing good ^^

1 week ago

This is what I'm offering for 1 Trade #878332

1 week ago

750k ec good? Or 50 cc and 250k ec? (can negotiate) Sorry for all the questions but would you like female or male?

1 week ago

Yeah, I checked. I have an egg I can resurrect. Interested? x)

1 week ago

Hi! Sorry, my CC is already being reserved for other users....I have no more CC ^^" Thank you for looking through my cove anyways!

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