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20 October 2016
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I'm not a newb. My original account, @mcmelody, was created Sept. 2, 2014.

Unless I offered it (i.e. creatures, ec, or cc), it's Not Up For Trade. Sorry.

I don't support hoards unless it's a cave common hoard. Sorry.

Please check profiles for a creature/name's trade status c: *Note: NFT on a creature's profile includes the name!

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You can tell where a creature is going by the profile text color!

Slate Blue profile text means the creature is headed for @melodysmeadows!

Dark Magenta (or any other color) means the creatures stay @rowyn!

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•*¨*✧Important Events:✧*¨*•

Won the CDWC for the Kelpa

Won the CDWC for the Dorrup

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Creature Suggestions:

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Item Collections

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Travels and Items I'm seeking:

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***Please Do Not Leave Links to Forum Posts in a Comment on my Profile Asking for me to Look/Join! I usually will not look!***

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16 hours ago

Thank you!

16 hours ago

Sorry, I wasn't paying attention and hit reject by accident. Could you offer again? xP

1 day ago

Would you take the Ark bobblehead toy or 80k ec for the Tenalp Plushie on the TC? Thanks!

2 days ago

Trade #866516 here again, for the gemstone kit and the remote control?

2 days ago

Ah alright. Thanks!

2 days ago

huh? Sorry were you separating into individual ones? The link brought me to the original lot.

2 days ago

I have a red gummy gem if you're interested, Could I trade for the excavation kit? I dunno

2 days ago

yw ^^

2 days ago

I'll send all my coal over to ya x) seems like that's all I get from the asteroid

2 days ago

Oh lol, I keep getting coals from the asteroid for some reason x) fifth time in a row lol O.o do you want another coal?

2 days ago

Hi, would you take orange gummy gems for your handheld rocket game? Thanks ^-^

2 weeks ago

Happy birthday lovely!! I hope it's amazing!

3 weeks ago

Please Do Not Post if you've fed Any of my creatures, here or on a side. Notifications are enough.

1 month ago

~ when they're worth more, and I will occasionally offer 1-2 if I see they're on someone's wishlist.

1 month ago

I always thought Luvleis were amazing, so I suppose I do "hoard" them a little, but it's certainly not because I'm waiting to trade them ~

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