It's an Innu-pocalypse over here! 9 Mar 2020, 5:46 PM

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My name is Ian and I'm the creator of Egg Cave! In my spare time I enjoy playing music and eating good food.

If you're new to Egg Cave, welcome! I think that you'll find the game very fun and our community friendly and inviting. I recommend these three pages to new players:

Getting Started: http://eggcave.com/gettingstarted
Help & FAQ: http://eggcave.com/explore/faq
Questions? Ask at the forums: http://eggcave.com/forums/forum/3

For official account support, Team Egg Cave is always here. Just Submit a Ticket.

Due to the large volume of messages that Team Egg Cave receives, I am only able to offer official account support via tickets. While I do occasionally get some free time to respond to personal messages, I only offer official support through tickets. Thank you!

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animefan • 4 days ago

Hi Ian would you take a look at this https://eggcave.com/forums/topic/73231 and let me know what you think about it. Please and thank you

topaz • 1 week ago

Hey how are you and your family doing with this Coronavirus going around here in Missouri we are going on locked down March 24 for 30 days, It's getting bad here and the kids school are closed until April 24 because of the lock down!

duckhunter • 1 week ago

i am big yes

wizard • 1 week ago

Yikes, everyone is having an icecream break! Frozen last stage Innus from 2011? You are very magical.

shadowfaxe • 14 Mar 2020, 5:02 AM

I love how you used the same trinket travel for all of them xD
Reminds of paw patrol HAHA adorable

dragistar12 • 12 Mar 2020, 9:49 AM

And now Innus from 2010??? Tell me how!!! @ian

prairie • 10 Mar 2020, 1:12 AM

Police pups

dragistar12 • 3 Mar 2020, 10:07 AM

How do you have Ruums from 2011 and 2012??? They were only released less than 2 months ago!!!

mzpanda • 2 Mar 2020, 8:16 PM

Sorry for not getting back sooner but family issues... My other accounts I can't get into are dragonzparty and honeybear2010....

sprite • 1 Mar 2020, 12:49 AM

Thanks for the Tines I am loving March creatures especially the Lypun Whoever did the art have them do more

lunacharm1037 • 24 Feb 2020, 12:01 PM

Just a thought and thank you very much letting us all get Tines in the Valentine event

lunacharm1037 • 24 Feb 2020, 12:00 PM

Hi Ian, I'm not sure if I"m on the beta group or not but Her what I think would be great: If the Vend machine worked like a RL vend machine where you pick out exactly what you want insert money & receive what you selected. rather than a cove full of pets you don't want.

animefan • 16 Feb 2020, 10:53 AM

I feed all your pets.

topaz • 14 Feb 2020, 8:15 PM

Hey ian

this was stolen on my bday

is it for sale by any chance?


shirona • 13 Feb 2020, 11:08 PM


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