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15 Jul 2021
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my profile creature, TheWayWeAre da Floofy Ookie
mai friend'z prof crtr [e=2644142]Retiik[e] (changed)
Alpaca-Hat, Brainbug, John-Deere, Sneaky-Ninja
Picadors the Luvun, Sinckersnee the Nomtuk
Ice-ze-Strong the Snawler
Hauntuloop, Miretta, Molasses_
@matt1784 (nts: AF's tasmas)
@cranberryfoxes (will sort through mortals later)
chinchannnn, Donderdag, Gtrerh, Lopiel, vittalu, Zaterdag
@lunarduo (1st 4 are mortal)
@yukitora (63)
@hellarose (47)
@shadowofdeath (74)

suzanab's Operation Save a Cove thread. Sept 2022

Immortal / moved / etc
Fem2 (Immortal 2nd of July 22! We did it! ❤️)
Fratora (immortal 19th of July 22)
cranberryfoxes: Kion_(immortal 28 Aug 22!), Poisson04 (moved), Oamdb (changed owner), Kiara_(Yay! Immortal 11 Sept 22),

Hello December visitors! Please scroll down to see the coves that need to be fed.

I wanted a Salaslyke when I was making up a feed list for my main acct, but I clicked for days and didn't get one. So here was my 2nd chance.

And here is a much more cleaned up list than on my main. Some of these are dying coves, some are just ones that need a bit more attention, some people have requested more evolve stats.

Feel free to contact me if you no longer want to be on this list.

+ Indicates that a cove is growing, ++means it is growing rapidly
- a significant number are gone
LoV = Has Leaf of Vaka (protected from dying,) still feed-friendly (new label, will add to coves as I find them.)

Please Feed: (Scrolling required to read full list.)
@swmystery (150+) (my 100% feed-friendly side.)

Cove size: 7 - 100 eggs, (single eggs listed further down)
@amarafeatherfall (63)
@apanthus (41)
@blackwidow58249 (23)
@boatywoaty (16)
@ch3rry367 (11)
@charmed (8+)
@citadark (32) LoV (24 july 22)
@extinct_species (30)
@freindly123 (66)
@furiousnightfury (33)
@galaxywatcherofnight (70)
@hellarose (47)
@jlihere (67) (more than half are immortal so it's quick to feed those that aren't.)
@lia (74/ FL 17)
@midnightlover (111)
@nightwolof3883 (68)
@nightingale99 (87)
@northpaw (24) Fem2 (Immortal 2nd of July! We did it!)
@onyxpearl (11)
@scout (50)
@silver_wolf_hybrid (29)
@tetromino (30)
@trillian2712 (31)
@yukitora (46) June22 - 6 mortals (this note did NOT go here. Wondering if I accidentally deleted a profile.)

@rainbowz (57) (LoV)

Cove size: 100+
@aquaticfalconess (650-) (split into sections of 100 at bottom of this egg's profile.)
athanasia sides (inc. @applepie 38)
@boreddragon (195-)
@complexum (112, has feed tab)
@daveyc (210, or any listed on wall)
@gaze (139)
@liliate (190-) (murmurw's side)
@lunarduo (306)
@mintkitten (286) (As of June 22 still feed friendly, and definitely does not have LoV)
@moonlight_storage (130)
@mr-blue-bones (190+)
@sulvas (170+)
@yileen (275-)

LoV @fruitbat (100+) (4 Oct 21 - Please welcome my S.o. to Eggcave! 😃 )

- mortals:
Wolf04 (@northpaw)
@daveyc (see wall post for my notes on mortals)
Holophonyx (last surviving egg of @/pigeon)
* Riven10 (last surviving egg of @/lastflare)
@looney (12 Only has 4 surviving mortals)
@hifriend (4)
(@/theposiden649) Drdmad, Nibinib
@/ladykoneko Astrellea, Beatrix25April, Talousa
@/potatoface: NlGBn, Jacobian, Heyiu, Hoai, Muio, Xaw
@/keahizu (2), Kheldiri LoV

- requests:
lunacharm1037 Anukle 2000 clicks
rashka -Izalav04 15000 Feeds
pet_cemetery Biochemist

(If anyone has some individual eggs they need fed PM me up to 5 to list. Maximum 50 listed. If you need more fed, I can add you to 'cove'. Please include link to the eggs in your message.)


Double EC days
@daveyc (210, or any listed on wall)
@stormdragonxi (680)


@aquaticfalconess' cove by 100's
(Currently some V's and about 76 - 95 need extra feeds)
Valelintine - 500 (34-end)
Shadowflight - 400
NEO-67 - 300
Karri_ - 200
Dragon-Hearted - 100
Aanga - 1 (start)


About Salaslyke Eggs

Salaslyke eggs are spiny and scaly. An invisible, odd smelling goo surrounds the egg; if the goo were to touch human skin, it would turn it permanently red and scaly. It's best not to touch these eggs until they hatch...

About the Salaslyke Creature

Salaslyke are an interesting type of reptile. They are very quick on their feet and are able to discern dangerous situations swiftly. Their main weapons are not only their speed but their powerful jump (which grows stronger with each evolution) and rock-solid tail. That's why when a Salaslyke smacks your face with their tail, a common jocular saying amongst Ark residents is, "You've been slyked!"