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Monthly Challenge Updates: March Edition

March 13, 2023 at 3:30 PM

Monthly Challenge Updates

We've made an important update to the Monthly Challenge. Beginning tomorrow, we're ensuring that the same level of difficulty of the selected site-wide dailies is never chosen two days in a row. We understand that when the highest-difficulty tiers are chosen several days in a row that it's a real slog and becomes less fun.

Basically, we're taming the RNG gods to ensure that they don't hate you. Here's an example:

  • If, on March 14, Feed 300 Creatures (highest tier) is chosen...
  • Then, on March 15, only Feed 100 and Feed 200 Creatures (low and medium tiers) are available as a possible option
  • If, on March 15, Feed 200 Creatures (medium tier) is randomly chosen...
  • Then, on March 16, only Feed 100 and Feed 300 Creatures (low and highest tiers) are available as a possible option

This is enforced for all daily types and difficulty tiers.

Note that, with this new update, it's still possible for the system to choose an unfortunate "heavy" day for the dailies. It's just that it cannot and will not happen several days in a row from here on out. If a heavy day occurs, the system must choose low and medium difficulty tiers the following day for relief. We hope that this helps. Have fun!


Don't worry, the RNG gods industry has just been regulated.

Comments: 52

minnie298a • 1 week ago

Use tasks take me the most time. Only because I like to find the perfect travel for my creatures. But as it's something I've been putting off, that's not a complaint. I've started keeping a list just for these days.

passionate • 1 week ago

thank you soooooo much use 10 items 3x in a row was getting rough