Tobi the Foo

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9 Dec 2009
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I'm The King. An '09 Foo.

Name: Tobi
Gender: Male
Adopted from: @Bluegirl80
Status: Never up for trade
Travel: Snowy Mountain
Card: HEWWO CHATIAL! It Bluegirl here. She knows you will give meh de most specialest home in DA WHOLE WORLD! You will duv meh till I die and I will be with my son. Just let my mate Floata know I was moved away from Bluegirl80.
Mate: Floata
Sister: Foxfun

About Foo Eggs

This egg was only given out in December of 2009 and Christmas Day of 2011.

About the Foo Creature

Foo are a unique breed of fox that have a distinct yelp. Due to the color of their fur, they do not easily blend in with their environment and are subject to many predators (thus their rarity). The Foo's loyalty to its owner is similar to that of a dog. Once you hatch a Foo, it will love you for life!