Bloodstream the Vampyr

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16 Oct 2011
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Essence of Litsdnats
(Stage Frozen)
Name: Bloodstream
Stage: Egg - Frozen
Travel: SoB

About Me
- 21
~ Mental Issues:
~ Depression
~ Bipolar
~ Anxiety
~ Paranoid Personality
~ On Three Different Medications
~ Please Understand I Have Bad Days [I'm Not Trying To Be Rude Ever. Well Unless You're Rude First, But Even Then I'm Not Actually Trying To Be.]
~ I Have Literally Had Someone Tell Me To Die [ON THIS GAME. Don't Be This Person, Some People Might Actually Go Through With It]
- Love Art
- Getting Into Makeup
~ Like Watching Tati on Youtube
~ Like Watching PrettyPastelPlease on Youtube [More Clothing Hauls Than Makeup, But Still Some Makeup]
- Love Doing Nails
~ Like Watching SimplyNailogical on Youtube
- Like Cooking
~ Sometimes Don't, But That's Because Dishes Get Piled Up [People In My House Are Lazy and I Get Tired of Doing Them]
~ I Make Amazing Baked Goods [Pies/Cakes/Cookies/Other]
~ Baking Is What I'm Best At, But Good At Cooking Other Meals Too
~ Make an Amazing Meatloaf and Lasagna [Other Stuff Too, But Those Are Main Ones]

About Vampyr Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for October 2011.

About the Vampyr Creature

Vampyr, like many other species of vampire, like sucking blood. It's what keeps them alive. But thankfully, they only suck animal blood as opposed to killing humans.