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10 Oct 2013
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Preferring to live at night, the Terron likes to seer through the sky in the dark, crying out his eerie sound, enjoying the dark and cold autumn nights.

-As good as all of my creatures @blub are UFT (except the NFT cove)
-NOTHING at my sides is UFT
-I can be quite picky sometimes when it comes to trades, and sometimes I need to think about it. This isn't personal, but I got duped too many times to be careless with trades
-I am interested in many creatures, feel always free to ask
-Keep it FAIR! Please tell me when I'm underoffering/unreasonable, because I really don't want to, as much as I don't like it to keep receiving underoffers. Any person who keeps (deliberatly) underoffering I'll likely ignore in the future

About Terron Eggs

Terron eggs cannot grow or hatch with light exposure. If the egg is exposed to more than 30 seconds of light, the creature inside will die instantly. This is why these birds are so rarely found in Ark. Stay away from the light!

About the Terron Creature

Terron sleep during the day and come out only at night (similar to that of a bat). And boy, they sure do soar the skies at night. And to humans, this is a good thing. An ancient legend tells that if a human were to look upon a Terron's illuminated body, they would become terrified and die of fear. No one has dared test this legend. During the day, Calla rule the skies, but by night, Terron. This is why stargazing is feared in Ark.