Soriel the Sorien

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28 Oct 2013
30 Aug 2014
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About Sorien Eggs

This creature is endangered.

Sorien, out of all of the species currently found in Ark, are the most closely related to ancient dinosaurs. As one could imagine, their eggs reflect this genetic bond. Sorien eggs are very large and and also rather heavy, so they are difficult to steal from the Egg Cave. If your body can endure the physical strain of carrying a Sorien egg all the way across Ark back to the City -- congratulations, you are one of the few! Most abandon their Sorien egg during their journey home.

About the Sorien Creature

Sorien are naturally destructive creatures that are often angry; when they are angry, they are explosive. The extensions from their hands and/or wings are very sharp, so Sorien frequently use them to hack through anything that is in their way, whether it be trees or overgrown brush. Sorien use a unique "hissing" sound to communicate with other Sorien. These hissing sounds, to any other creature but Sorien, are very unpleasant to hear, so Sorien frequently use these sounds to intimidate attackers or fend off illegal human poachers.