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Hello, all!

@nym -- all uft
@ettenmoors -- storage, not uft please don't ask

Responses will be slow.
Please don't ask what I want for trades, just offer.
Please don't ask if anything is uft, because it isn't unless @nym, in the uft tab, or in a lot.

Obligatory personal information:

New Year's resolutions:
• Keep my budget

Doing some yoga! Power yoga is the way to go, good way to feel better after working.

Gonna build that cob house or tiny house someday, with a huge yard for a garden, chickens, and bees also, bat and bird houses! And lots of trees, and a garden.

I really like rain and moss.

currently listening to:
BoDeans, southern shores

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dcmaster • 30 May 2019, 5:33 PM

Alright c: well it's probably gonna be with me for a while so if you have an offer let me know! ^~^

dcmaster • 29 May 2019, 7:38 PM

Are you still interested in the Aguallie? c: Mine is still UFT

marner • 15 Mar 2019, 3:34 PM

fed the list!

skyfall4 • 4 Mar 2019, 6:28 PM

Hmm what about a Ghostar?

skyfall4 • 4 Mar 2019, 6:24 PM

Hmm would a Burdrah get me anywhere? (I use Budgie's, so the Burdrah would be around 1.2 )

immortalraven • 4 Mar 2019, 5:42 PM

No problem c:

mairbear • 21 Feb 2019, 11:31 PM

Do you need any more chocolate? XD I have way too many I have no idea what to spend it all on o.o

mairbear • 21 Feb 2019, 9:57 PM

Trade #921507 Pleease just offer an item xD I have too many Lovcas as it is haha. I'm only gonna keep one each of everything this month. Nothing that I *love* ya know? XP

mairbear • 17 Feb 2019, 8:45 PM

Suuuuuper late response but yea I'm pretty much only a fan of the Lovca this valentines. xD Can sorta stand the Amorym... not the best year imo ^^; My favourite release was the Lovador (as you can prolly tell xD) Anyway, you want my extra florette?

wild_wonders • 10 Feb 2019, 6:10 AM

Hey, I see that you have quite a few coldworld lands travels, were just wandering whether any of them were uft Sorry to bother if not! Also interested in the uft leynne

mairbear • 2 Feb 2019, 2:38 PM

Oh yea I love the fox-types. I think the canines are the most popular creatures on eggcave xD What do you think about the releases this month? ^^

mairbear • 29 Jan 2019, 2:22 PM

Oooh I found it on the forums, it is cute Reminds me a bit of an Arpeggiarp but the tail part is distinct and cute xD Actually tail part makes me think of the Crystar which is my favourite eggcave creature xD Do you have a favourite?

mairbear • 26 Jan 2019, 5:13 PM

Oddly enough... valentines, easter and on the opposite end of the spectrum halloween produce the cutest critters = like goblar, spookcat, wicculin, etc x3 Any ideas on what we're gonna get this year for valentines? XD

mairbear • 25 Jan 2019, 9:12 PM

Oh no worries, I knew what you meant by wendigo haha. The ones I pointed out are really ones where you gotta squint hard xD But like tbh, I've had enough of the creepies from CRW lol. Can't wait for February! Probs my 2nd fave month after April

mairbear • 22 Jan 2019, 9:21 PM

Okay after my search I might just be mis-remembering cause 2nd stage pahohoe (see and adult nogar (see could fit the bill if you squint hard enough XD

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