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21 December 2020
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possudio • 40 minutes ago

... pet name, I would love to put Aisha on a pantheart

possudio • 40 minutes ago

Same! I decided to stop playing neopets, but everytime I see something bout it catches my heart, 12 years playing
Ain't sure to be honest, I think the best ones, that are more common are already taken. But thank you so much, really. I wonder how much CC/EC I need to get a ...

possudio • 1 hour ago

Probably only petpets, although something like Mootix would be cool.

laylamocha • 2 hours ago

The stage 3 Neebu would be another I try to not use as my profile creature. When you see this message, you can observe how the facial features are cut in half. The dismay on my face when that happened to the frozen stage 3 Anaria as well was real. (⊙-⊙)

laylamocha • 2 hours ago

but at least it sits in my possession. I can go grab one anytime! (꒡ω꒡)~☆

laylamocha • 2 hours ago

A pity that it doesn't fit into the circle of our profile picture. I have a mild pet peeve that my favorites need to fit the circle. One reason why I traded a frozen Stage 3 Anaria away. I love any travel that looks pretty, just that I rarely use them. It sits in my strongroom-

laylamocha • 2 hours ago

I did post a message on my wall about it, huh. But running through eggcavity with the stage 1 trinket, I find that none other than a Stage 2 Heims fits perfectly with it. What about you? Which creature do you find amazing with this trinket on?

laylamocha • 5 hours ago

Thanks for the pretty trinket!!!

runa • 6 hours ago

I would but its worth 400-500 cc, which in ec would probably be around 4-5 mil.

nut • 8 hours ago

I'm really sorry, I'm trying to hold onto the tine for awhile until I have the means to trade for wishlist creatures so I won't be selling it for ec/cc :/ I hope you find better luck elsewhere! feeding all back now

born2b_me • 9 hours ago

fed all

prairie • 10 hours ago

Ideally seeking at least 3,000cc - not really sure if I'd sell them for EC atm though, sorry.

cala • 1 day ago

Hey I want nothing, just enjoy

cala • 1 day ago

Sorry but they are NFT

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