I've been on this site for 5(exactly) months. I feel very much like that I've barely even scratched the surface of hundreds of things. Whelp. Existential crisis time. 24 Jun 2019, 10:02 PM

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mimikyu360 • 1 day ago

Maybe try Googling it? I got some reasonable looking answers but my brain doesn't have the energy to comprehend those answers.

mimikyu360 • 1 day ago

I actually don't know what this "Artfight" is either. I googled it and I'm still confused. Maybe we should make a "Help and Questions" post on the forums about this. :|

thelaizywolf2019 • 3 days ago

Fed all!

s123 • 3 days ago

Fed all!

stevepat2002 • 3 days ago

Idrc. If you want you can just select a different winner instead of me. Or you can just send whatever you want

stevepat2002 • 3 days ago

Oh lol I won? Sorry I got 168 notifs so I want able to sort through em. I'll take whatever

thelaizywolf2019 • 4 days ago

Fed all!

nightrobin • 4 days ago

Fine I'll accept

soniaexe • 1 week ago


soniaexe • 1 week ago

You asked if I was interested in Tasmas.

soniaexe • 1 week ago


power • 1 week ago

Hello, probably just ec or nice looking critters, though one person has offered cc

krusdot • 1 week ago

There is one more giveaway!

stevepat2002 • 1 week ago

K. What price are you waiting for?

soniaexe • 1 week ago

I go by budgie's guide which is 20kec but I can do a little bit more.

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