Seeking two Ruums, a male Kasaii(can swap) and any extra Nyankas! Thank you to @vibrancy for the last Innu for my collection! (Also looking for CRWs born on Jan 24th) 22 Jan 2020, 12:29 AM

24 January 2019
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Please don't get anymore Smokemuths for me. I will take ones you got for me already, but I'm out of space and have less than 10k. If you like anything in my account or in my side, please tell me. I'll change this once I have money or space. At this point, I will no longer accept transfers, trades or otherwise. I have left this up long enough for people to know and if they do not check that is on them. I still do not have enough space. I will accept starred or some immortal Smokemuths.


Attention! This cove is now feed-friendly!

Not currently collecting Smokemuths! Please send me some or PM me for trading purposes another time.
If you are also collecting commons, we might be able to work out a 1:1 exchange of some sort.

@wildirishrubyrose: Dorrups | @wereage: Tasmas | @foreigners: Not currently collecting | @galaxyleopard: Masers

Looking for tips on feeding, normally and during events!

Member of the Harry Potter Fan Club! I'm a Ravenclaw!

Have I not responded to you? Am I doing other things like bidding on auctions, but haven't replied to you? Remind me. Chances are, I forgot. PM me reminders. Not all of my devices can physically post on walls.

Also, I'm really forgetful.

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vibrancy • 14 hours ago

My pleasure!

vibrancy • 14 hours ago

Oh, nothing! T'would be a gift. Do you have a gender pref? ^^

vibrancy • 15 hours ago

@status still looking for Innus? I have an extra, it's yours if you want it.

xoxoxo • 15 hours ago

omg i know right. if not I understand! we need Husky on here

thank you for kind words

xoxoxo • 15 hours ago

I can't wait for Feb Creatures

xoxoxo • 15 hours ago

your welcome to read comments

she was having a bad day hehe
is there anything you need help with?

xoxoxo • 15 hours ago

your very welcome

thank you so much for gifts

I just made my bestie cry

I gave her Lonto and she crying

xoxoxo • 15 hours ago

ur name added to the thank you list for the gifts

xoxoxo • 15 hours ago

@brightstarlight that it your welcome to add it

xoxoxo • 15 hours ago

hey letting you know I am making a new side account for all my creatures I am keep this one for sale shop

iia • 1 day ago

Thank you
Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. The auction has received a bid. If you would like you can transfer all eggs you don’t want out of that auction back to me.

harrypotterfanclub • 1 day ago

End of Month Giveaway only 1 lucky winner, I will chose winner Jan 31st

go to Please just offer with toy or something No eggs please!

xoxoxo • 1 day ago

Hey you!

How are you?

skyfall4 • 1 day ago

Finally offered! Sorry for the wait :'D

power • 1 day ago

^^ no problem~

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