Would anyone be interested in reading an incomplete story of mine? I don't quite know if I want to keep it more of a slow burn or ramp up the pace. Technically, it would be more logical to make it a slow burn, but it might be way too dry that way. 27 Mar 2020, 6:02 PM

24 January 2019
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Please don't get anymore Smokemuths for me. At this point, I will no longer accept transfers, trades or otherwise. I have left this up long enough for people to know. I still do not have enough space. I will accept ones starred, born on special dates and maybe some immortal Smokemuths.

Goal: Get a Heims and two Leafs of Vaka. put every creature I own onto a spreadsheet(I tried it, and promptly realized creatures are coming in and out of my accounts way, way too often to make it work.)


Attention! This cove is now feed-friendly!(But...I'd also prefer it more if you fed @essaeren.)

Not currently collecting Smokemuths! Please send me some or PM me for trading purposes another time.
If you are also collecting commons, we might be able to work out a 1:1 exchange of some sort.

@wildirishrubyrose: Dorrups | @rainstorm/@sinthr: Tasmas | @foreigners: Not currently collecting | @galaxyleopard: Masers

Looking for tips on feeding, normally and during events!

Have I not responded to you? Am I doing other things like bidding on auctions, but haven't replied to you? Remind me. Chances are, I forgot. PM me reminders. Not all of my devices can physically post on walls.

Also, I'm really forgetful.

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zantago • 13 hours ago

Okok thanks for the trade! enjoy the travel ^^

zantago • 13 hours ago

Trade #952245 heres the lot so just offer however much you feel comfortable with min 50k ec though ^^

zantago • 13 hours ago

Heyo! Could I get you to bump the price up a bit? :0 I don't really know how much they're worth though so if you don't want to thats fine too :"D either way I'll set up a lot aha just gimme a sec ^^

galaxyleopard • 4 days ago

Well budgies says 200 CC so I’ll hold onto it for a bit. Thanks anyway!

galaxyleopard • 4 days ago

Hey! I have a Female Clorgi UFT, how much EC are you offering?

zircon • 5 days ago

No problem, thank you!

zircon • 5 days ago

Yep, I set one up! thanks

zircon • 5 days ago

Would you do 200k for both?

zircon • 5 days ago

Sure! How much are you willing to pay?

stevepat2002 • 6 days ago

Any krusdots UFT?

surgeon • 1 week ago

Hey ! Fed all for ya ! beautiful cove

miastone543 • 1 week ago

Right, accepted! I don't really care about prices, I mostly blindly follow Budgie's. I give an option by lowering prices, and the other party can choose.

playermocha345 • 1 week ago

I don't mind if you post on my wall.

playermocha345 • 1 week ago

Hey arcana, I'm sorry but I just discussed with a friend and is it alright to get 50kEC for the Clorgi? My forum topic is to actually help new players mostly, so it'll be a big help if you could refer some that have been here a while and struggling to trade creatures.

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