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peppermintcowboy • 12 hours ago

Entered! And wow - you joined EggCave on my birthday.

_black3333_ • 15 hours ago

Hey I'm so sorry about the late reply! I got really busy the past few days. Offered on the lot, thanks so much!

foreigners • 2 days ago

Yeah!! That'd be great really!

foreigners • 2 days ago

Hey!! I saw your comment on the Cattery's wall!! Thank you so much for all the help in the collection!!!

asrieldreemurr • 4 days ago

Would you like to join the World of Ataraxia? Click here:

iia • 5 days ago


iia • 5 days ago

So close to an sarc. Never mind then

iia • 5 days ago

Do you have any ec uft?

_black3333_ • 5 days ago

I'd rather not, the Vulpselle is worth around 200 - 300cc by itself already. o ~ o

_black3333_ • 6 days ago

Hm, I could offer a Vulpselle, perhaps?

pepper • 6 days ago

Oh, but I'd knock off some of that amount if you can offer any of my favorite travels: POT OF HONEY, Grass Pond, Blue Moon, White Feathers, Power, Colorful Flowers, and Slot Machine. Any chance of that?!

pepper • 6 days ago

Okay, I'd be willing to trade the Sandrodon for 200 CC and the Horsekin for 300 CC. That seems like a lot... but it's just because I'd prefer EC. But yeah... I'd go with those CC amounts if you're interested.

pepper • 6 days ago

Hmm. That's quite a bit lower than I'd like. Nothing personal, but I'm going to leave them in the Auction. I really would prefer EC. It's still 1-3 days before their time is up. You could trade for EC and offer on them?

_black3333_ • 6 days ago

Hello! Would something at @beyond interest you for your frozen Drakimi?

pepper • 6 days ago

Sure, I'd consider it... if I knew how much CC we were talking about?

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