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2 Nov 2013
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Its officially 1 am here in Montana which makes it Thanksgiving Day. This year is different from the past two years. The first year in Montana, as a newly wed couple, we ate Thanksgiving dinner at a place called Jaker's. The second year in Montana, being married one year, we were able to go home back to West Virginia for Thanksgiving. This year in Montana, being married for two years, we are finally able to have our own little meal as a small little family with our fur baby Raj.

If someone asked me two years ago where I would be in two years, if I would happy, or thankful I wouldn't be able to give a wholehearted honest answer at all. I would have been too absorbed with work, too concerned with other people, to fascinated about the world around me. I wouldn't of been able to actually sit down and think about what I was thankful for, what things meant to me, how I felt about how my life was..

If someone would ask me those questions now I would be able to give a wholehearted answer plus more. On this Thanksgiving's Day I have never been more thankful, grateful even, of how my life has taken a complete 180 degree turn. I can't put into words what everything means to me. If you know me well, you know that is unusual of me to say. In person I am a person of few words but put a pencil in my hand or a keyboard at my finger tips, my words just flow like the never ending sea.

I have so much and more to be thankful for this Thanksgiving's Day. The thing that I am most thankful for is that my active duty, military husband is home and not overseas like most are. This might not mean much to people but by God, it means the entire world to me.

Thank you Lord, for allowing my little family to be together today. I'm really, really thankful.

About Perukey Eggs

This egg was only available in the Egg Cave for November 2013.

Perukey eggs are nearly identical to the leaves found on many trees in Ark during autumn. Due to this, it is very difficult to decipher between the egg and fallen leaves. The eggs wither away indistinguishably from the leaves, and if left unattended for too long, the creature will die. Due to this, Perukey are rather rare in Ark, so they are generally not hunted for Thanksgiving.

About the Perukey Creature

At first, it was believed that Perukey and Gobblers descended from the same type of bird, however, major behavioral differences between them caused Ark citizens to begin to believe the contrary. Unlike Gobblers, Perukey are very friendly towards people, and are most content when in captivity. Unfortunately, most Ark citizens don't find the Perukey to be appealing to the eye, so it isn't common for them to be kept as pets.

In addition, while most breeds of turkey are capable of flying, the structure of a Perukey’s wings prevent it from doing so. Because of this, Perukey are easy prey for other creatures in Ark, contributing to their scarcity.