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3 Dec 2013
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Name: Heims
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Travel: Wings Of Glory


- Do Not ask, Just offer. I don't go through coves/tabs/TC anymore unless I asked first. To clarify, actually make me an offer or at least list things you have UFT and I'll say what I like and then ya can make an offer from that

- Don't offer EC on any CC critters or old LEs unless I state somewhere I am taking that for them

- Don't waste time with offering, withdrawing and such. If ya aren't sure; don't offer. Notifications give me headaches

- Know general values first before offering on a lot. I base values off what I've SEEN, BEEN offered, and HAVE offered. I do NOT use the guides most are inaccurate. It's fine ta use for general values if ya don't know em at all so to not make a total unfair offer but not solely them

- None of my retired/CC travels are UFT unless in the ITC. Please don't ask for others unless an Amazing offer. And yeah I have all of them

- If not in UFT tab, TC or topic it is most likely NOT for trade. Unless I offer it or it is an INSANELY AMAZING offer though I probably still won't trade even if for an over offer so yeah... AGAIN anything NOT in those places I will ONLY consider over offers for as I DON'T really wanna trade them :/ Don't ask if not

-Do NOT keep offering the same offer after I have rejected it. Or similar critters after I say that wasn't fair. So offering commons and cave monthlies and such over and over on really rares. Just don't offer at all if you don't know what things are please.

- READ my trade lots. Do NOT keep offering things I say that I am not accepting on it

- Names do NOT come with unless I state that it can

About Heims Eggs

Heims eggs contain a rare sapphire crystal of deep blue color. Similar to other eggs that have a stone, removing this sapphire early will cause the Heims egg to die.

The only place this sapphire crystal can be found, other than in Heims eggs, is in underground caverns that lie several thousand feet beneath the island. Heimses stones have no known magical properties (on humans). They are, however, chemically and scientifically the purest sapphire on Ark.

About the Heims Creature

Heims, related to Unhemn, have an unbreakable connection with their stone. If a Heims is separated from its stone, it goes mad and is possessed with fury and rage. This unspeakable anger causes a Heims to make it their sole purpose to recover their lost stone.

When fully connected with their stone, Heimses are peaceful and have a calm demeanor. They like to help out their owners with tasks and are servant-minded. At night during a full moon, a Heims' stone glows and gives the creature the ability to fly.