Oji the Heims

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my little iced prince ♥

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✼ Mirage ✼
王子 Oji the iced prince

It was so cold that day...so cold, so much snow all around me deadening all the noise, even my own breath. I can't remember how I got there, I can only tell what was going to happen shortly thereafter. I started to walk, there was nothing much I could do...just walking hoping someone could find and help me, but hours passed, very slowly to my perception but I'm sure many hours passed and I couldn't see anything around me but white, the snow seemed so soft...so soft I couldn't resist, I had to rest my head on that immaculate pillow and I couldn't do nothing neither when my eyes closed and I fall asleep.
When I finally woke up I realized hunger and thirst were not a problem anymore, the cold was very bearable and looking around me I saw an immense iced castle, "How couldn't I see it before?!" I said to myself giving all the fault to my past tiredness, I walked toward that mansion but I couldn't do much steps then he appeared, a beautiful and graceful creature, I stopped and couldn't do anything else but observe him, astonished, when he talked to me, in a strange way but I'm sure about what he said, his name was Oji the only prince of that white and snowy place, I had to follow him in his castle, his only presence made me feel safe.
From that day indefinite time passed, I everyday fulfill the duty he gave me, saving people who get lost in that white place, sending them back before they fall asleep.

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Original art concept
I'm the creator of Heims, but sadly I can't rename my creature with the original name

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About Heims Eggs

Heims eggs contain a rare sapphire crystal of deep blue color. Similar to other eggs that have a stone, removing this sapphire early will cause the Heims egg to die.

The only place this sapphire crystal can be found, other than in Heims eggs, is in underground caverns that lie several thousand feet beneath the island. Heimses stones have no known magical properties (on humans). They are, however, chemically and scientifically the purest sapphire on Ark.

About the Heims Creature

Heims, related to Unhemn, have an unbreakable connection with their stone. If a Heims is separated from its stone, it goes mad and is possessed with fury and rage. This unspeakable anger causes a Heims to make it their sole purpose to recover their lost stone.

When fully connected with their stone, Heimses are peaceful and have a calm demeanor. They like to help out their owners with tasks and are servant-minded. At night during a full moon, a Heims' stone glows and gives the creature the ability to fly.