Aureolia the Aurelian

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20 Jan 2014
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Essence of Litsdnats
(Stage Frozen)

Love, Life, and Money,
That's all there really is,
But something is missing...
Something valuable indeed.
Whatever happened to demons and death?
The key to our existence,
Without them we would perish,
In flames and burning pain.
An inhumane sacrifice,
Is all it took to save,
The amazing race called humans,
Who are living here today.


No one can hear,
And no one can see,
None shall come to rescue thee
This is the end... How can this be?
Dying alone... Is this my fate?
Fate or not, this is my life.
Who am I to say?


Life is such a wondrous thing,
Even a gift, you could say.
But what about the curses of life?
The horrid curses you cannot escape.
The pain, the horror, the unexpected harm,
They all come so sudden to knock you off your feet.
Once do they succeed,
You must escape the grasp of life,
But the only was is to die.
Death is cruel, yet so is life.
You must choose before death chooses you.

Love. Like a roller-coaster,
Up one day, down the next.
Love can cause problems, obstacles, and trouble.
Love is what life uses to knock you off your feet,
So death can take charge.
Disguised as a marvelous thing,
When deep down, it is not.
Love is just a tool,
Used by life, and a thing called death.


Name: Aureolia
Gender: Female
Status: Single/NFT
Soul Sister: Aurya

Aureolia and Aurya are a symbol of the friendship between @smileykebab and @moonweaver!

If ever quitting, Aureolia will go to @smileykebab.


About Aurelian Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2014.

Aurelian eggs, although harmless, are disconcertingly squishy and slimy to the touch. The Science and Research Center theorizes that the surface of the egg becomes the Aurelian's body while the dangerous tentacles develop within.

About the Aurelian Creature

When an Aurelian first hatches it is still relatively safe to handle as its tentacles have yet to acquire their stinging potency. As the creature grows and matures so does its power, and a full grown Aurelian should not be touched without proper safety equipment, or at the very least a pair of rubber gloves. Many hypotheses exist to explain why the increase in an Aurelian's electricity is proportional to its age. The most popular theory suggests that the Aurelian's soft body absorbs ions from its seawater habitat throughout its life, eventually resulting in major conductivity.