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5 July 2017
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@lbowe_elbow for helping me get started by sending me so many things, including a Corunis and the name Corrine! (Complete list here)
@smileykebab for being such a wonderful friend!
@degong for my beloved Lollipuff, Lollita
@meekly/@meeklydream for being such an amazing friend and gifting me so many creatures, including and Osi and Rotehar! (For full list click here)

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mirime • 25 minutes ago

No prob ^^ if you need somewhat else I'll be available for the next hours

mairbear • 32 minutes ago

Hrrm I'm not sure xD I think as long as the travels are in a gradient, the end result should still look nice ^^ Once you put travels on everything you could try out a few configurations

mirime • 35 minutes ago

Have you seen the trade? Trade #918768

skyfall4 • 39 minutes ago

Ah, sorry, she isn’t UFT Sorry about that!

rabidwolfie • 1 hour ago

Perfectly acceptable. It will take me a moment to set up the trade. Multitasking

sackname • 2 hours ago

Yes, just trying to figure out some trades at the moment .-.

The name stays with the creature, sorry unu

rabidwolfie • 3 hours ago

I have 2 female glimmarkins that I am willing to part with

nonameblack • 5 hours ago

Yes, I've got 5

mirime • 5 hours ago

2 Mothmen for a Venafera! Let's trade

mirime • 5 hours ago

At the moment I have just 2 of them. I can trade them for a Venafera ^^

mirime • 5 hours ago

And wow, I'm pretty lucky, I just found another doomwalker in the cave

mirime • 5 hours ago

I've got 2, and I'm going to obtain others; I should have 6 in total in a while. I was thinking to sell them per 400k

mirime • 5 hours ago

No problem! Thaaanks! I really love those creatures, I appreciate your business

mirime • 5 hours ago

You forgot the ECs ^^

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