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5 July 2017
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[/color]@lbowe_elbowfor helping me get started by sending me so many things, including a Corunis and the name Corrine! (Complete list here)
@SmileyKebab for being such a wonderful friend!
@degong for my beloved Lollipuff, Lollita
@meekly/@meeklydream for being such an amazing friend and gifting me so many creatures, including and Osi and Rotehar! (For full list click here)
@superunloved for being a great person, a wonderful publisher for The EggCave Times, and a great friend. And of course, for my beloved Polober Deliora and my beautiful Lovador, Love-Arrow!

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qerrats • 7 hours ago

Sure! What do you want to offer? (BTW you can reply in the mail we are already doing XD)

skyfall4 • 11 hours ago

Moon that reminds me, I haven't replied about the Eeriek xDDDD Is it still available owo

sackname • 12 hours ago

sackname • 12 hours ago

Yeah, so Odon + Valenbun + 300 CC?

sackname • 12 hours ago

Could swap the frozen Amarra for a frozen Krampus

sackname • 13 hours ago

I could add another 200 CC (total 300) but that's about it ;-;

sackname • 13 hours ago

I can offer the frozen Amarra you asked about earlier this week + a Valenbun (child stage if you're wondering)+ 100 CC

sackname • 13 hours ago

Do you seek anything specific for your UFT Zinhir?

the-v-squad • 1 day ago

Fed all!

stevepat2002 • 1 day ago

... I gues.

stevepat2002 • 1 day ago

When ur ready Trade #923287

thedarkarcher • 1 day ago

yay thanks so much sent a little something as a token of my thanks (saw you was looking for them yesterday )

thedarkarcher • 1 day ago

Hey would you happen to have a Valentine's Pink Chocolate Filled Book or Green Dragold Plushie i could buy please? Thanks so much!

ghostly_ • 2 days ago

what would you want for your sughar?

snugglebunny • 2 days ago

do you want to trade one for this? I really want this Volpe

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