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[/color]@lbowe_elbowfor helping me get started by sending me so many things, including a Corunis and the name Corrine! (Complete list here)
@SmileyKebab for being such a wonderful friend!
@degong for my beloved Lollipuff, Lollita
@meekly/@meeklydream for being such an amazing friend and gifting me so many creatures, including and Osi and Rotehar! (For full list click here)
@superunloved for being a great person, a wonderful publisher for The EggCave Times, and a great friend. And of course, for my beloved Polober Deliora and my beautiful Lovador, Love-Arrow!

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tetromino • 1 day ago

I sold a couple of Suiinas earlier today for 150k ec total, is that acceptable then? Here's the lot

sonny • 1 day ago

ohh thats okay, no probs!!

sonny • 1 day ago


sonny • 1 day ago

hi! still interested in my nyankas for your aurelian?

yoyolee • 1 day ago

hi c: I don't need anything from your side but can you beat an offer of 50cc for the Nyanka?

sackname • 1 day ago

I have a lot of CRW kitties here: Trade #945185
Also I have a release date Ruum if you're interested -u-

tetromino • 1 day ago

Also, for the trading hub post, are you seeking Suiinas in general? I wrote that you are seeking Suiinas, but if not let me know and I'll change it

sonny • 2 days ago

sure, ill trade you both for you aurelian

lonewolf • 2 days ago

Hi- do you by chance have How to Train Your Arnmnae?

epic23 • 2 days ago

Hello how much ec would you be willing to offer for them please? Thanks so much

tetromino • 4 days ago

thank you I will let you know if I find anymore Ruums and Nyankas (I haven't found one yet, hopefully tomorrow!!)

tetromino • 4 days ago

Trade #944545 I have a Ruum UFT if you are still interested!! fed the Feed + Click list btw is 80k okay for that?? sorry if that seems too much, I'm having not so great cove luck with the cat creature releases :'(

lonewolf • 4 days ago

Hi, do you have a Gumball Bookmark by chance?

zircon • 4 days ago

Thank you!

zircon • 4 days ago

Sure, I'll set up a lot.

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