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23 October 2016
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Today is 23.10.2017. I've been on the Egg Cave for a whole one year. Wow, just wow...
So here is the profile.

I live far from home, in the middle of nowhere, there's nothing much to do, so I play this game. Thanks
Gods for the internet connection. I'm collecting eggs and hatching them, I need just one from any of
species, so don't expect me trading them. Nothing, I repeat, nothing in this cove is UFT. Unless
I've been lucky to get a double - monthlies from the Cave or rare eggs from the Oasis. That being said,
Oasis is not empty. Not sure about the Asteroid, thou, too many evil Yeeps around ^^

Wishlist? Well, I want anything I don't have yet. I realize, there's a lot of creatures I'll never have, but it's
fine. I play relaxed, I'm not stressing at all. And, yes, I want Skrute. This one is so morbid, and, I bet,
would make a perfect familiar ^^
Then Sherth as a close second, for the similar qualities.
I also want one particular Abet named Noroi. I know it's here, but I'm afraid to ask. Yes, I am like that ^^

One day I'll suggest a creature (Edit: done, pls check it out,
and the other day I'll design a creature, and when I'm old and rich I'll put a star on every Cave common
I started with.

I never log out and never buy names. Because I have a whole different language to name my creatures.
You can learn it a little reading creature profiles.

Feel free to feed/click/view anyone you like and help my creatures evolve. Otherwise, we are fine,
we have Vaka.

Creatures (780)


sorrow • 26 Feb 2024, 1:46 AM

fed the list!

sorrow • 30 Jan 2024, 12:28 AM

fed the list!

murfijs • 26 Aug 2023, 1:54 PM

feeding some ^^

murfijs • 9 Jul 2023, 10:29 AM

feeding some!

mindwhiper • 6 Apr 2023, 9:52 AM

Fed all your shiny guys ✨

wonder404exe • 26 Feb 2023, 11:41 AM

Sent birthday gift :0
I have nothing to please ur cove ;;

nerdbear • 22 Feb 2023, 8:06 AM

Fed 100. 😊

shrimp • 21 Feb 2023, 7:32 AM

Of course! ❤️

hinokazes • 20 Feb 2023, 5:08 PM

I'm kinda confused, because I didn't feed your account ^^' Or maybe there was some of your pets in the click exchange, and I clicked them ? I can't click that much because it hurts my hands, so I usually just open some pets' page from XC time to time :'3

jlya • 15 Feb 2023, 2:51 PM

Fed your list ❤️

aoiegg • 15 Feb 2023, 1:38 AM

Thanks so much~! Fed all your feed me ones. Let me know if there's any others you'd like me to do too

soupcan • 14 Feb 2023, 1:22 PM

Thanks for feeding!

flamingtrashcan • 14 Feb 2023, 2:08 AM

fed feed list

okami • 12 Feb 2023, 7:43 PM

Thank you, fed your feed and click lists back~

murfijs • 12 Feb 2023, 11:39 AM

fed all!

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