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About Furrep Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for Valentine's Day 2014.

Furrep eggs are extraordinarily smooth. The tiny feathers that poke out of the sides are the only things that break the smoothness of these shells. The Science and Research Center has been able to determine that the feathers themselves serve no function for the developing Furrep, but are used by mother Furreps to distinguish which eggs are theirs in the communal Furrep nest.

About the Furrep Creature

Furreps live throughout the island in all environments. Despite this they are very rarely seen. This is because the population is relatively small with individual Furreps controlling large territories. Making it difficult to find a Furrep if it doesn't want to be found.

During the month of February Furreps will leave their respective territories to gather together in a special place deep in Ark's jungle. It is here that the female Furreps will create a large communal nest that all the eggs are kept in with all the females working together to protect the eggs. Once the eggs hatch the young Furreps are already very self sufficient, despite not having fully developed wings yet. At this point the adults fly back to their territories leaving the young in the nest. The young Furrep will live together in the communal nest until their wings develop enough to allow flight, at this point they will leave and search out their own territory.

The Furrep is believed to be a direct descendant of the long extinct Tzalcal, an ancient serpent like creature that roamed early Ark.