Meckenzie the Quinnit

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10 Mar 2014
22 Sep 2014
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About Quinnit Eggs

Quinnit eggs are considered to be very lucky because clovers grow near wherever the egg lies. Most of the clovers that grow near Quinnit eggs only have three leaves, but on rare occasions, it is possible to find a four-leaf clover. Although this phenomenon is seemingly common, discoveries have been made that show four-leaf Quinnit clovers never die or wither and always have nutrients.

About the Quinnit Creature

Quinnits are happy-go-lucky squirrels that lie dormant in the winter months but begin their yearly activities in the month of March, peaking around St. Patrick's Day. Quinnits enjoy collecting items and have been known to find extremely valuable trinkets. Known to be very generous creatures, Quinnits always give away a majority of their findings to Arkians. You'll never know when you might receive a gold coin (or something even more rare) from a fun-loving Quinnit!