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19 Apr 2014
24 Oct 2014
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About Weggy Eggs

The Weggy egg's colors are among the most vibrant and vivid of any egg. When illuminated by the proper lighting, the Weggy egg actually creates a kind of "rainbow effect" near the egg. So if you see a rainbow in the distance, don't automatically assume its because of rain; it could be because of a Weggy egg!

About the Weggy Creature

Weggies are truly playful creatures who love to have fun. They pay close attention to their owner's likes and dislikes and often retrieve thoughtful and heartfelt gifts for them. As a result, Weggies make friends easily.

Weggies dominate Easter themes in Ark: Weggy plushies, Weggy pencils, Weggy chocolates, and more!

Sadly, these creatures are very fragile and have a very short lifespan.