Barthilde the Barthug

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About Barthug Eggs

The fine hair-like structures covering the bottom portion of Barthug eggs provide them with warmth and protection. The tough and chitinous shells bear similarities to that of Serpede eggs.

About the Barthug Creature

Notorious for being very hardy pests, Barthugs are commonly found invading homes as a means to construct new breeding grounds. Their tendency to dwell in dark, cramped spaces that lack much of any human activity makes it very difficult for homeowners to detect a Barthug invasion immediately. It is usually not until the Barthug population enters into the hundreds when their presence becomes increasingly less subtle.

Barthug specimens retrieved from fossilized tree resin indicate that this species has thrived on Ark for well over 100 million years. A particularly well-preserved Barthug fossil is currently on display at the Ark City Science Museum and has been estimated to be around 75 millions years in age.