Concorba the Borro

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30 May 2014
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About Borro Eggs

Borro eggs are soft and have a very sticky substance surrounding their outer shells. This substance is designed to stick tightly to the cuticle of Ark's leaves so that wind and precipitation do not cause the eggs to fall. Eggs that fall into the grass will likely be eaten by neighboring bugs.

About the Borro Creature

Borro are excellent at camouflaging themselves throughout their childhoods. Since eggs are laid and hatched during spring, they are able to use their green color to hide within grass and leaves until the leaves redden during fall. Upon adulthood, they are able to evade the most agile predators. They eat very little food and spend most of their time hiding within bushes and trees around ponds and lakes. Arkians generally do not see many Borro for this reason beyond the hotter months. They migrate away from Ark for the winter and return in spring to lay their eggs.