-Macaroni- the Mackatron

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8 Jun 2014
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Choco's first creature after her long hiatus.

Macaroni: The taste of the sky...

Hatched on July, 15th 2014, and became immortal on the same day.

She's beautiful, isn't she? ❤️

Thank you @dragonnn for freezing her! You are awesome!

Renamed from MacaroniSky on 22 July, 2017

Never, ever UFT/A.

About Mackatron Eggs

Mackatron eggs are curiously intangible. They have mass and interact with the world around them, most notably the wind, but attempting to pick one up is about as easy as catching and holding the wind in your hands. This makes transporting a Mackatron egg for any distance a tricky task. Current experiments have concluded that the best way to move a Mackatron egg is with a fan, the egg will be carried upon the breeze generated. However any cross breeze has the potential to blow your egg off course, making it extremely difficult to get your egg home on any but an exceptionally calm day.