Feel free to feed my other creatures @vanillachoco :D 24 Sep 2023, 11:19 AM

10 August 2011
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Sydneysider from Hong Kong ❀️. Joined this site back in 2011 (when I was 15 y.o. 😱 but didn't really stayed until I came back again in like 2015? stayed a bit then went on another hiatus, came back again in 2019, then another hiatus until 2023...

One egg, never to hatch, frozen in time. One little life destroyed in an eternal egg stage. Never to see the light of day, never to feel the sun on its back. Post this in your profile if you're against freezing creatures (on their egg stage).

Need EC? Feed dying coves here If you know any dying coves, let me know and I will add them to the list.

~Feed-friendly cove 😊 (Please feed the feedlist first.)
~I accept random friend request!😊
? Offers are welcome. I am mainly looking for retired CSPs/limited/event/orginal non-VEND machine creatures.
*Current wishlist*is now updated.
β™₯Item collection here.

@butterflies Some of my other lovelies❀️
@vanillachoco Storage; Feed-friendly
@vanillavam Idle storage

To moderators: I log in with my mobile and also laptop.

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lunacharm1037 • 12 hours ago

Fed everyone 😊 Happy Double Feed Day 😊

skullgirl555 • 6 days ago

fed some

ashlinnhi • 6 days ago

accepted, thanks for the trade!

ashlinnhi • 6 days ago

no worries, here it is 😊 Trade #1038282

ashlinnhi • 27 Nov 2023, 12:40 AM

ok, would you be happy with 200k ec?

ashlinnhi • 26 Nov 2023, 3:44 AM

thanks! by the way, would you still like an extra Vello to add to your πŸ‘πŸ collection?

skullgirl555 • 25 Nov 2023, 1:28 AM

fed some

ashlinnhi • 21 Nov 2023, 8:44 AM

fed feed list! i love your cove lists ❀️

raccoon • 7 Nov 2023, 8:28 PM

Tysm for the swap!

heatherm19 • 5 Nov 2023, 5:11 AM

Thanks! That Mint Chocolate Design travel is just so pretty on so many creatures. (Feeding! 😊 )

tryvegan4theanimals • 1 Nov 2023, 10:18 PM

Feeding! Hope you're doing well πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• - Alex

jlya • 31 Oct 2023, 7:51 PM

Fed all ❀️

romanjr370 • 30 Oct 2023, 11:36 PM

Hello πŸ€—. Thanks for feeding, fed back.
Have a wonderful day 😊 ❀️.

romanjr370 • 18 Oct 2023, 10:56 PM

Hello πŸ€—. Thanks for feeding, fed back.
Have a wonderful day 😊 ❀️.

tryvegan4theanimals • 18 Oct 2023, 7:57 PM

Feeding! You're awesome πŸ’•

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