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About Sweesh Eggs

Sweesh eggs are covered in patches of downy fur. When Sweesh eggs were first discovered many SAR Center scientists theorized as to the purpose of the fur. It turned out that the fur patches serve no discernible function.

Even though Sweesh are a common sight in Ark's forests, finding a Sweesh egg can be quite difficult. This is due in part to their small size. In addition to this many Sweesh nests are made inside the tops of large trees. Making finding and reaching a nest a bit difficult.

About the Sweesh Creature

Sweesh are nocturnal animals that live their entire lives in the treetops, gliding from branch to branch in search of food. The only time you'll see a Sweesh on the ground is if it became injured and fell. Sweesh are very social creatures and will form social groups with up to a dozen adults. These groups work together to find food, keep watch for predators, and tend nests together. Due to these two behaviors it is highly recommended that any Ark citizen wishing to own a Sweesh should get at least three and build a series of specialized perches in their home to simulate a treetop environment.