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About Grandinum Eggs

The tough casing of Grandinum eggs end up serving as a hard-shell saddle for fully matured Grandinums. And oftentimes, it's hard to distinguish between Grandinum eggs and oysters! This can become dangerous, as Grandinum eggs are fatally poisonous if eaten.

About the Grandinum Creature

Supposed to be descendants of ancient lizard species, Grandinum are among the larger species of water creatures that coexist in the ranks of the Great Whales.

Proud and majestic, Grandinums are uninterested and removed from the affairs of the larger sea. They keep to themselves and fiercely protect their own. They are so self-absorbed because they feel a sense of pride about their creature culture and the history of their species, although most of it is unbeknownst and puzzling to modern scientists.

Don't attempt to tame your Grandinum; allow it to roam the seas freely. When you see it, you'll see it. When you don't, don't go looking because a Grandinum that feels pursued beyond what it's willing to reveal is evasive.