183_Poseidon the Stomato

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26 Jan 2015
11 May 2016
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Immortal Creature!

From: Creature Auctions
Population Rank: ****
Habitat: Ocean
Retired - Available Jan 19 - Jan 31, 2015.

Travel: Undersea Nest

About Stomato Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2015.

Stomato eggs can only be found on the coral reefs that surround Ark. Attempting to remove a Stomato egg from the reef will not only cause it to die but carries a heavy fine as well. Stomatoes are a protected species due to their small numbers.

About the Stomato Creature

Stomatoes were once very numerous and were commonly eaten in Ark City and other coastal locations. However, overfishing has dropped the Stomato population to a dangerously low number. The Science and Research Center has been working on a program to bring the Stomato population back up to healthy numbers.

Stomatoes posses the ability to create florescent patterns on their bodies which they use to communicate with others of their kind. They are actually very intelligent, a fact that will keep the ban on their consumption in place even after their population is out of the danger zone.

Stomatoes are able to fight off predators and hunt prey with their two large fore-claws. They are able to move these claws with blinding speed, fast enough to create small shock waves that have the potential to stun smaller creatures. Unfortunately this makes Stomatoes a poor choice to add to your aquarium as they have a tendency to break the glass.