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I also sometimes click through Yarolds:


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⋆✧✵✧⋆✧✵✧⋆✧✵ Achieved! ✵✧⋆✧✵✧⋆✧✵✧⋆
Have over 200 friends 3/30/16
- Have over 20 immortal creatures 10/7/17
- Have over 200 immortal creatures w/ backgrounds on @storage-sodabearjess1/2/20
- get my first CC creature I made the Willowisp! 10/13/17
- Feed my WHOLE friends list 04/22/20 3.9mil EC

⋆✧✵✧⋆✧✵✧⋆✧✵ To Do ✵✧⋆✧✵✧⋆✧✵✧⋆
- Have over 500 friends!
- Have Each SAR creature
- Have 20+ Fairtops
- Give each creature a Travel.
- Get a Reep!
- Complete Wishlist
- Collect as many Items as I can on a creature

¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° Thanks! °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

-Permanent Shoutout to @raindrops for continuing to feed my cove
-Thanks to @Zalmira for the Grandinum
-Thank you for the pets @Didigao i will take care of them in case you return one day (Didigifts)
-Thanks for a Fairtops @Jellifysh
-Thanks for a Fairtops @raindrops
-Thank you so much for the free Twobot @thedarkarcher you made my day
-Thanks to @plisser9 for 3 SAR creatures for free!
-Thank you @pammike for the Kampos
-Thank you to @raindrops for the countless free creatures and feeds
-Thank you to @thundore for the Lumisage

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▀░░▀ ▀▀▀▀ ░░▀░░ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀

To see any creature evolution use this: name)_(stage number).png

I like to add travels to my creatures after they reach their final stage, so creatures with a travel are fully evolved (or were traded)
Immortal/Storage Account: @Storage-SoDaBearJess
You can feed ANY creatures, I'd like to immortalize all of them at some point. My QuickFeeds list is there if you want just a few creatures to feed rather than all 250+
Just like most people, One day, I'd like to have every creature from Egg Cave. If i ever quit, All my creatures go to new members who didn't have a chance to obtain the creatures i did.

Creatures (177)


didigao • 2 days ago

nvm I found it xD
Should I send the creature to this account or your storage account(s)?

didigao • 2 days ago

oh I knew about that method, I was wondering if there's a way to go back to its previous evolution(s), guess not xD
Hmm... where do I go to transfer the creature over again?

didigao • 2 days ago

I kinda wanna get rid of my Didi3 :sweat_smile:
Do you want her?

didigao • 3 days ago

Btw is there an item that can make my pet go back one evolution? XD so it will be at its 1st stage at 300 clicks? That's all I really want for my main creature Deidi.

didigao • 3 days ago

When you realized you posted on your own wall....

205 xD I believe I can get in the top 100 before the event ends

didigao • 4 days ago

omg I've been reading to get the gobble prizes for being in the top 10 XDD
oh well 500+ is my goal~

didigao • 4 days ago

Sure, send me a PM please XD

didigao • 4 days ago

Oh!! I just read their method.
I'll have to try that I hate zooming out my page tho sksksksksksk

didigao • 4 days ago

I'm gonna break my scroller for this LOLLL

didigao • 4 days ago

Yea that's what I've been doing...... but I only got 13 *facepalm* XDD I feel there's no way I can get 3k+ in.. 10 days XD

didigao • 4 days ago

I almost forgot about my login details, I remember trying logging on a few days ago with no luck.
Thanks I'm just hoping to accumulate some cc so I can buy the items on my WL

didigao • 4 days ago

Hope you've been doing well
I decided to be semi active on here

didigao • 4 days ago

You can give names?

didigao • 5 days ago

[yeep] I tried changing my Rousel's name to Deidi only to realize it's already taken then I see it's one of your pets LOL!

didigao • 5 days ago

Hey there..
Long time.

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