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24 Jan 2013
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My Beautiful Calla ^^ NFT

⋆✧✵✧⋆✧✵✧⋆✧✵SAR Center Checklist:✵✧⋆✧✵✧⋆✧✵✧⋆
Drakomo - 5mil
Calla - 100k
Flub - 250k
Trinit - 1mil
Trident - 500k
Glooble - 750k
Barbat - 3mil
Meepus - 1.75mil
Rivet - 1.25mil
Mecha - 2mil
Viranov - 2.25mil
Imovsa - 750k
Goolime - 600k
Ibridi - 900k
Squidot - 5mil
Efni - 4mil
Cornivore - 1mil
Deena - 10mil

About Calla Eggs

This egg is, surprisingly, soft to the touch and resembles the texture of a horse's mane. Weird... it's actually... hairy? And occasionally, these eggs will fly away due to their wings. Keep this egg locked down tight if you want it to be hatched in your possession, as the creature inside is only loyal to the first human it lays its eyes on!

About the Calla Creature

Calla are a majestic cross between an eagle and a horse. It's able to soar high to dangerous elevations; elevations where humans would normally die due to the scarcity of oxygen. Not only can it fly and transport humans by air from its eagle heritage, but it packs an extremely dangerous punch with its back hooves if an attack occurred. Calla are loyal only to the first human it lays its sight on.