Valenbi the Valenbun

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1 Feb 2015
10 May 2015
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Hatched: 3/8/2015
Evolved (1): 3/15/2015
Evolved (2): 3/26/2015
Immortal: 5/10/2015 (Mother's Day 2015)

About Valenbun Eggs

The thick fur that grows from Valenbun eggs is soft like silk. Since the fur has this property, it is highly valued and even coveted. Unfortunately shaving this fur from the egg leads to a significant drop in internal temperature which then causes the unhatched creature to die. Don't remove Valenbun fur!

About the Valenbun Creature

Valenbuns are very kind and meek rabbits. In fact, they are a little bashful. But it's a well-known fact that Valenbuns are all on a quest to find their great love (this can be any other creature but Valenbuns do not fall for humans).

In their quest for love, Valenbuns often suffer from a great lack of confidence and, to many potential mates that may have a stronger sense of self, their understated kindness can be easy to miss and overlook. Since the Valenbun experiences love and connection in such a unique way, it teaches many creature owners to show their creatures the importance of recognizing and reciprocating love and kindness, even if it doesn't lead to a relationship that lasts for life.