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1 Jun 2015
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About Gorri Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for June 2015.

Towards the last couple weeks of spring Gorri eggs, on rare occasion, can be found camouflaged beneath a sea of thriving peonies. Swirls of various shades of pink are seen swimming beneath a protective glass-like exterior, shimmering ever so slightly when brought into the light. It is said that once the swirls settle into a distinct pattern, the egg is ready to hatch.

About the Gorri Creature

Gorris are a rare species found hidden among the peonies in the southeastern region of Ark. Because not much is known about them, stories of their creation have passed through the ages from generation to generation. It's been said that the eggs originate from the northern parts of Ark during the winter months, white as snow and as fragile as glass. As spring approaches, the melting snow gently carries them south to an eventual resting place among the flowers, where the eggs grow warm and absorb the dye from the petals that have enveloped them. They are said to be the personification of both winter and spring, and the guardians of nature.

Gorris are lovable creatures that are protective and loyal to those that care for them.