Ruvix the Illumilux

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22 Jun 2015
1 Feb 2021
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About Illumilux Eggs

June Cave Monthly

Illumilux eggs are almost impossible to find as their coloration makes them blend in almost perfectly in Ark's rivers. Illumilux eggs tend to be laid near the headwaters of many rivers and will float down river the closer they get to hatching.

About the Illumilux Creature

When Illumiluxes hatch they are incredibly tiny, around one centimeter in length. However they quickly reach their full size over the course of a week, around ten centimeters. As the Illumilux matures it develops bioluminescence creating beautiful nighttime displays in Ark's rivers. This display can be anything from small glowing points of light, creating the effect that the river is full of stars, to creating the appearance that the river is on fire with light. Unfortunately, Illumiluxes do not live for long and this display is only visible for about a month every summer.