Spiritpaws the Wicculin

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1 Oct 2015
26 Apr 2017
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About Wicculin Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for October 2015.

Wicculin eggs manifest in places of strong magic or where magic is frequently practiced. Because of their dark coloration, unassuming nature, and the tendency to manifest in dark and shadowy corners, many Wicculin eggs go unnoticed until they start to hatch. Many practitioners of the magic arts find that their spell work better and are more potent when a Wicculin egg is present.

About the Wicculin Creature

Wicculins have a natural talent for magic. Magic is as natural to Wicculins as breathing and all use various small magics without even thinking about it. Those Wicculins that choose to follow a magic path and develop their magic potential can become amazingly powerful. Even with all this power Wicculins tend to stay in the background and operate as hedge witches and wizards, selling small protective charms and potions. The small communities that they serve usually don't realize that their unassuming Wicculin can cast much larger and powerful spells and the Wicculins work to keep it that way. Wicculins do not want others to become too dependent on the spells they cast.

In addition to their magical talents Wicculins also posses a unique ability. Wicculins have a magical aura that can enhance the magical abilities of others. It is not uncommon to see a Wicculin team up with another practitioner to better serve their chosen community.