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8 Nov 2015
12 Jul 2016
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About Ursoto Eggs

This egg is covered in a sweet white sticky substance that helps protect it from harm. People of Ark collect these eggs during the holiday as a tradition. Once collected they gather all of the sweet marshmallow-like substance and eat it as a snack.

About the Ursoto Creature

When the egg hatches, the newly formed nymph burrows down into the earth to mature. The Ursoto lives most of its life underground where it spreads tentacles upward for air as it matures. Every 17 years or so there is a metamorphosis that occurs and all of the Ursotos to mature. They construct a tunnel to the surface, climb onto sturdy rocks and molt its outer shell. The Ursoto is a very soft and squishy creature. They have no defence once out of their hard shell. They gather in mounds of Ursotos in fields and their warm sweet smell wafts into town. The smell is said to calm anyone who is near.