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20 Nov 2015
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Happy birthday mum.

Lake Mungo is a very well known archaeological site in Australia and a very well respected land for the Aboriginal People. One day I do hope to visit this sacred ground to help me understand the deep relationship that the Aboriginal People have with the land.


Uluru (the famous large rock in the middle of Australia) is sacred ground in Aboriginal culture. So much so that none will climb it. Please, respect their wishes and do not climb Uluru. From the original time I wrote this, it is now against the law to walk on Uluru.

About Kangchroma Eggs

Kangchroma parents paint their hopes and dreams for their offspring on the shells of their eggs creating beautifully painted eggs.

About the Kangchroma Creature

Kangchroma eyes are very sensitive to color, allowing them to distinguish more shades of colors than most creatures. This has allowed the Kangchroma species to develop a written language based entirely on various shades of color, an extremely beautiful language to even those who can't read it. Kangchroma will paint themselves in this language, everything from personal goals, wishes, family history, even poetry. No two Kangchroma have the same body paintings, though sometimes the differences can only be distinguished by other Kangchroma.