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17 Dec 2015
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Hi there! This is S3RL!

On July 23rd, 2016, I completed my dream of going to my first rave & meeting DJ S3RL! My mom took this picture of me & him & I was able to give Jole the 2 Kandi I made for him & his wife Jodie.
And I'm quite happy to say that since I met him, we got to talking on His fan forum, And I'm very happy to say that we talk back & forth now and that we're friends!


Wanna know more about my story of meeting him? (AKA the greatest day of my life!) Well Then, Take a look at this!

Name - S3RL (Pronounced Serrl) Is a Happy Hardcore DJ who makes awesome songs!
And I have the name! How was it not taken?!

This pet is SO perfect to name after the almighty S3RL because of the fact that not only does the Mo's description say that it sings beautifully and is beautiful, But the Mo also has piercing blue eyes (so does Jole/S3RL) but this Mo also has his birthday! I thank who traded me this Mo A LOT! for letting me have the perfect S3RL pet!

And the travel I have on him completes it since S3RL/Jole is an awesome dancer (He can do ALL KINDS Of dance moves including front & backflips!) and is a Raver.

This is my favorite singer that sings in S3RL's songs! Tamika

Mate - Parroting (Has my doggie Cotas, birthday! )

Awesome S3RL Songs....

Raver Dimension

To My Dream

Pretty Rave Girl

Hardcore Life

It Went

Feel The Melody


Be My Game Boy

R4V3 B0Y

Old Stuff




Next Time

Space Invader

Self Titled


Ill Dance With You

[e= NUMBER ]Inspiration [/e]

I Like a lot More (over 100 songs!) but I like so many songs that I just can't name all of them! xD

About Mo Eggs

Mo eggs are, obviously, shiny and pretty. So shiny that they sparkle even at night (yes -- without a light source)! Mo eggs are, currently, the most coveted egg in Ark; they are extremely rare. If you do happen to obtain one of these eggs, it's best not to tell anybody. The chances of Mo eggs being stolen are rather high. If you have a Mo egg and ever think somebody is plotting to kill you or steal the egg, report it to the authorities at the Town Hall.

About the Mo Creature

Mo are a heavenly bird that sing sweeter than a symphony or any human voice. Mo's beauty surpasses all other creatures (to many) and some speculate that Mo are not of Ark, but of some other distant world. Mo are also excellent parroters and can carry on somewhat lengthy intellectual conversations (forming their own thoughts and opinions); one never feels alone with a Mo. Mo like to keep warm and, as a result, enjoy being close to their masters. Mo can also travel long distances without stopping for food or water, so if you ever go on an adventure with a Mo, don't expect yourself to keep up!