Fortunate the Fourbon

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25 Dec 2015
5 Oct 2016
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About Fourbon Eggs

If you shake this egg, you can hear the faint echoes of Christmas bells ringing inside. But don't shake this egg too much! It can't hatch properly and healthy if it is shaken too much.

Sometimes Fourbon eggs are referred to as "Fourbon bells" and people erroneously place them on their trees as ornaments. That can turn into quite a disaster... having a baby be born in your Christmas tree!

About the Fourbon Creature

The name "Fourbon" refers to the four ribbons that an adult Fourbon grows.

Their luxuriously soft fur and beautifully shaped bodies make Fourbons be among the most beautiful cats of Ark. They are very independent but are excellent gift-givers and enjoy the company of a few people or creatures at a time. Inviting too many other creatures to play with your Fourbon isn't a good idea; they become very anxious and mistrustful in big groups.

Fourbons are a great gift for a friend looking for a new pet, especially around Christmastime. Fourbons love the snow and Christmas more than most other creatures in Ark.