Quicksilver the Veema

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1 Jan 2016
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Name: Quicksilver - NFT
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Travel: Misty Blue Mountains

About Veema Eggs

Snow clouds seem to perpetually follow Veema eggs. So if you see snowflakes in the hottest of summertime, it may mean that a Veema egg is nearby.

About the Veema Creature

Veemas are perpetually followed by snow clouds that send beautiful ice flakes down to surround them. As you might expect, this requires the air flow to be quite cold around Veemas. So if you ever experience a rush of cold air, it may not be an indicator that something bad is about to happen; it may just indicate that a Veema is nearby and approaching.

Sadly, Veemas frequently die during the summer months because they can only live healthy in low temperatures. If you're the proud owner of a Veema, ensure that your air conditioning is cold enough in the summertime (and consider a large-size, industrial freezer for your Veema to sleep in).