Moushumi the Morgoth

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13 Jan 2016
3 Nov 2016
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About Morgoth Eggs

You have a strange, dark feeling as you gaze upon the Morgoth egg... despite its meek appearance, you feel that you shouldn't trust it nor pick it up.

About the Morgoth Creature

Living and interacting in The Fiery Shadows, Morgoths are considered to be neither living nor dead. They are regarded as some type of ancient demon from the Shadows.

Morgoths, while they may appear to be harmless, are actually agents of darkness and seek to influence situations in negative ways. They are thought to be roaming the real world in spirit form, criticizing the positive things and warping things that are beautiful in an attempt to destroy them.

Morgoths, because of their dark powers, are not recognized in any way by the government of Ark. To speak the name "Morgoth" is to bring evil luck upon yourself.